mamaRoo for me, mamaRoo for you!

Disclosure: 4moms sent me a mamaRoo to review. I am not being compensated for my review. Thoughts 100% mine. I love this company and I know you all will too, if you don’t already!

Something awesome is happening over at 4moms. They just launched their brand new and improved mamaRoo! Being a second time mom, I’m up to my ears in baby and toddler gear, but by now I have a “veteran” opinion on what you really need.

I used to think things like the mamaRoo weren’t really necessities…. until the mamaRoo came to live with us. She kind of looks and moves around like a baby UFO, but it’s baby magic. Something about it is calming and soothing, even still to the five month old girl that occupies it! I wish they made one in my size.


Let’s face it – a mom’s luxury is having an extra set of hands. A mom of two’s luxury is…. having an extra set of hands. While the mamaRoo may not be a literal set of hands, it provides temporary help for me and comfort for the little one. It also doesn’t hurt that this machine of wonder doesn’t take up a lot of floor space and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


The mamaRoo has 5 different motions and has a built in speaker. One thing the mamaRoo got in it’s update is Bluetooth capabilities and an accompanying iPhone app! This is especially handy if I’m across the room handling a toddler emergency, which mostly consists of getting snacks or taking her to the potty.


Basically, 4moms knows what’s up when they developed this glorious UFO baby voodoo magic contraption. Even better? I’m giving one away today! This giveaway will last for one day only, so enter quickly! Please use the PromoSimple widget below. The only required entry is your name and email address, but you can earn bonus entries by following 4moms and me on social media and leaving a blog post comment. (Please note: “liking” my blog facebook page or 4mom’s page doesn’t gain you an entry, but I would love it if you “liked” us, nonetheless!) Good luck!!!

Click here to view this promotion.

p.s. They’re doing 30 days of giveaways at the 4moms facebook page, so be sure to check back throughout the end of the month for more chances to enter!

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