Caroline – 8 Months

Caroline turned 8 months old this past Friday, and of course I am 4 days late in posting the photos. At least I took them?

Boy oh boy, I cannot believe Caroline has been gracing the world with her presence for eight months. I am so looking forward to summer and being able to spend more time with her, along with big sis. She’s at such a fun age right now!

Caroline - 8 Months Old

Caroline Lately

  • A few weeks ago, she was a tad over 16 pounds, which put her in the 32nd percentile. She is a petite little miss. I guess most of you guys don’t realize it when looking at pictures of her, but I think she is pretty small! But she is oh so gorgeous and is on target developmentally!
  • Still fitting into 6 month clothes, and 9 month clothes are fitting, too
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Finally feeling better. March really wasn’t a good month for her. Her croup returned and worsened into something called “bronchiolitis” (not brochitis). Basically her bronchial tubes were super inflamed, almost asthmatic. We had to put her on breathing treatments every four hours. Not fun. She was really crabby for a few weeks simply because she just didn’t feel well.
  • These last few weeks she has just been a doll baby. She is so happy all the time! I have even taken her to rehearsal with me after school and sat her in my lap. She just watched the kids rehearse the play, smiled and never once fussed.
  • She is laughing a heck of a lot more. Especially if Kennedy is in the room being silly!
  • Sleep is pretty great. Bedtime is still at 7:00 p.m. and she is now not waking in the middle of the night anymore! Hallelujah! Much appreciated when you have two working parents in the family. I usually have to wake her up in the morning on weekdays around 6:20, and lately she’s been getting up right at around 7:00 a.m. on weekends. She usually takes two naps. Sometimes a third cat nap.

Milestones / New Things

  • I think she is waving now! I can’t really tell because when she gets excited she waves her arms up and down and bounces, but sometimes she only does it with one hand if you wave to her.
  • Grabbing things like a champ. I don’t remember Kennedy having as quite of fine motor skills at this age.
  • Is currently sprouting two more teeth, one on bottom, one on top!
  • Still going strong on her two “meals” a day, along with taking expressed breastmilk at school, and being nursed when with me.
  • She is growing more and more of an interest in eating on her own, so I let her try new things. I’m feeling less worried about food with her. She loves Mexican rice (Katie let her play in some when we were out to lunch), so just put a bunch in front of her and she will go to town. I guess we do Baby Led Weaning, but we also do purees. She’s just loving food right now. I love this phase of non-pickiness.

Caroline - 8 Months Old

This baby is just so gorgeous. She has the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen on a baby. They’re definitely my eyes, color/shape and all. And that hair? It’s a long mullet. The hair in the back is literally shoulder length! Her bangs are super long and need cutting. I have never heard of an 8 month old baby needing a haircut, but I have a feeling I will need to do a bang trim on her soon. I just love this girl. I love her sweet, easy going personality.

Happy 8 months, sweet Caroline! We love you!

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