Introducing: Caroline Mary

Caroline Mary


Born Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 2:25 p.m.
7 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20 inches long

This little girl had plans of her own and decided to come two days before her scheduled evacuation date. She was born crying a sweet, melodic cry, eyes wide open, and a full head of dark hair. Depending on where you look, Caroline can mean “strong” or “song of happiness.” So far, that describes my girl pretty well. Caroline truly is my song of happiness and the perfect puzzle piece to our loving family.

Everyone is doing well. We are home enjoying our time as a family of four. Birth story to come soon! In the meantime, make sure you are following me on Instagram (@mo_meg) to see more pictures of us and Caroline!

Preggo Meg O. – 39 Weeks!

baby 2 39 weeks

Well, you guys. This is the last weekly bump update. Can we even believe it? Wow. So surreal. And in case you were wondering, here’s me pregnant with Kennedy at 39 weeks. I am not sure if I can tell much of a difference (thanks, crappy iPhone selfies), but I think I am a bit bigger in the belly this time. I don’t know. I had grand plans of busting out the DSLR camera and taking a cute picture for this final… 

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Morning Inspiration from Coffee-mate + Giveaway

Morning Inspiration with Coffee-mate and David Bromstad

This past summer, mornings have been a little slower. Kennedy and I will wake up and usually have our breakfast together. She loves “helping” daddy make the coffee. I love sitting down with her to enjoy the coffee she “makes” me, chat a little bit, and get inspired for the day. Oftentimes I’ll pull out the family planner to see what we have going on for the day. I’ve enjoyed these slower moments, because during the school year I do… 

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Get Ready With Me – Summer Makeup Routine

Get Ready with Me Summer Makeup Routine - Tutorial

Well, folks. This is the last beauty video that will be gracing my blog for a little while. I hope I have the time, energy, and the non-swollen face to film and edit more videos once the littlest babe is here in SEVEN DAYS, but I make no promises. I filmed this a few weeks back but finally am posting it. This “Get Ready with Me” video shows me putting on my go-to summer look. Pretty much a variation of how… 

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Preggo Meg O. – 38 Weeks!

Baby #2 - 38 Weeks

Everyone… we are 11 DAYS from this baby’s birthday! Looking a little bit of the same. I feel like my face is starting to puff out a little, but my weight has stayed the same. Here I am 38 weeks pregnant with Kennedy, for reference. Thoughts This Week: Made it to the gym four times this week. I swear I am so not hardcore there. It’s the stationary bike and the treadmill for me. Better than walking outside and Kennedy… 

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