July 2015 Beauty Favorites

Hey hey hey! Time for my monthly beauty favorites!! I am trying a different setup for filming here. I got a new ring light that I’m loving, after a few months of a giant headache. The first one I bought didn’t work, and it took months for me to be refunded. Anyway, I decided to film against a lighter background (the curtains in my master). I don’t have a “beauty room” but I like how my equipment is moveable and portable – I can set it up pretty much anywhere. Let me know what you think of this new setup.

Products Mentioned:

And, in case you were wondering, here’s the It Cosmetics Makeup Routine video I mentioned.

Just a little word about Scentbird. It’s $14.95 a month and you get to choose which fragrance is sent to you. No surprises! They say it’s like dating your perfumes before marrying them. If you sign up using my referral link, your second fragrance is free (which would be the second month). I receive a fragrance credit if you sign up under my link. You can feel free to use it or not, totally up to you. I really think it’s an awesome subscription because they have over 300 name brand fragrances and it is easy to use in the reusable case. It isn’t some generic thing. Not to mention, $15 is a steal for the amount of fragrance you get. I think I am going to get Tom Ford Black Orchid next!

What have you all been loving lately?

Favorite Random Things – July 2015

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