Ready for some Big Love this weekend…

Whew, I’ve been a bad blogger!

These past two weeks have been insane because of the show I’m directing.  As I’ve said before, I’m directing Big Love by Charles Mee. We go up this Thursday! And here’s a promotional poster:

Usually the two weeks before the show can be described as “hell week.” This time is no exception. Between having a cast of 50 kids, 25 girls in wedding dresses, having our first tech rehearsal three days before opening night, and quite a few kids failing their classes and losing eligibility (although luckily most are extras and I’m not replacing anyone), there are a lot of things to worry about. Surprisingly enough, though, I’m not really that stressed. I’ve been organized since the first rehearsal (and we’ve only had a five week rehearsal period) so I’m not having to do a million things at the last minute. I feel like I’m in some sort of directing rhythm and I know what things I should do in what order to save my sanity the week of the show. Not to mention, my show is pretty much ready to go, acting wise. It’s just those little technical details that we have to worry about at this point.

Greg has also been busy working in the evenings and consumed with things that he needs to do as well. We’ve been missing each other and not really been able to hang out that much, but I know that this is a temporary thing. He works hard and I love him!

Once I have some more free time starting next week, I can continue my postings! The last thing I want to do is neglect this blog. I hope you all understand — whoever you are (since I’m not sure who reads this blog, exactly).

Well, ciao for now. Think happy thoughts this weekend for my show!


  1. The show was great, Ms. Crump! A little dark, but still good. :)

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