Another Meg-Approved Cleanser

I’ve talked about previous times before how I am on a quest for natural skin care (again, the same can’t be said for my makeup). I prefer organic/natural ingredients formulated without parabens or harmful chemicals.

I’ve talked about some natural cleansers that I really enjoy, and I’d like to add this one to my list.

It’s formulated with all natural ingredients an no harmful chemicals. It’s great for acne-prone skin because it contains Willowbark extract, which is the natural form of Salicylic Acid. It also claims no animal testing.

Kerbi mentioned to me something about Neutrogena carrying natural products, and I hadn’t seen it in the drugstore until a few weeks ago. I got super excited about it and picked it right up since I was out of my cleanser.

I’m proud of Neutrogena for jumping on the natural train! However, the line is rather limited… they only carry a cleanser, a makeup remover, lip balm, and face/body bar. I’d like to see this line expand, particularly with a natural sunscreen.

I’d definitely recommend this, as it really keeps my skin clean and I haven’t noticed any additional breakouts. It’s hard to recommend an acne product with hormonal pregnant skin, but this hasn’t irritated me at all. It’s also convenient because it’s available at drugstores!

It’s definitely going in my rotation. Yes, I rotate my cleansers in and out (just like my shampoo) so my skin doesn’t get “used to it.”

Have y’all found any good natural cleansers or skin care lately?


  1. i haven’t used a natural cleanser before, but this one sounds pretty good! i also love the idea of a natural sunscreen!!!

  2. this is wonderful ;) i need to get it asap! thanks for posting Meg! xo

  3. Oh I’m going to have to try this out! I have acne prone skin but everything always seems so harsh when it’s specifically for acne. At least for me!

  4. I started using this cleanser about a month ago and I haven’t had any breakout issues! I love it.

  5. This sounds lovely! I may need to pick this up… My skin’s been a little out of whack lately.

  6. I feel so with it! I just starting using this too and love it. Way into the sulfate free stuff right now. Tried using their body and face bar first, but not a fan. Major sting if it gets in you eyes.

  7. I just have got to tell you: Black Magic soap by the indie company One Hand Washes The Other.

    Amazing stuff. I will never use another cleanser as long as this one is being made.

    (In fact, I am planning to make a blog post about it! I have to let you know when I do because I think it would be right up your alley)

  8. I almost bought some of this today but ended up passing it by. Next trip!

  9. Buying this asap. I’m going to CVS now. I hope it’s there!!

    Thank you for another great review!!!!!!

  10. Ooh, awesome! Good fine. I have always liked the way Neutrogena products work with my skin, so that’s awesome that they have a naturals line, too.

    PS – I know you’re booked for the next month or two, but could you send me a rate sheet for your blog designs? I need to shake things up and ditch my mass-use template one of these days. Thanks!

  11. oh nice – I need to pick some more up today so I might try this one! I’ve been using “say yes to carrots” or whatever and I’ve been enjoying the way it feels on my skin – but I like to keep things interesting! haha

  12. I use the regular Neutrogena face wash right now so I’m going to give this a try!! I always trust your reviews :)

  13. I will have to try that! I just ran out of my other Neutrogena cleanser so perfect timing!

  14. I use all Neutrogena products! I just noticed the Naturals line. I think I will have to try it after your review :)

  15. I like Burt’s Bees, it smells pretty. And Wedela moisturizer. I haven’t tried the Neutrogena one but I’ve had good luck w/ their products in the past.

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