Baby O. in Photos (volume 2)

I guess you all enjoyed the last time I posted a bunch of photos of Miss Kennedy, so I might make this a weekly thing!

Here’s some recent pics of her. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you have probably seen most of these. Oh well!!

At dinner with daddy last weekend
This child is already getting some chubs. Sooooo cute.
Her Royal Highness drinks from the finest Waterford crystal.
(I swear my sister was not feeding her wine from the Waterford. This is for entertainment purposes only.)
My little baby burrito
Melt my heart!
Oh my goodness. My child started to LEGIT smile last week. I felt like the proudest mom ever.
Watch out, y’all. My girl already has swag. Peace, homies!
At my 6-week postpartum doctor’s appointment… only this time with a baby! Sorry for the blurriness.
Baby’s first colorblocked outfit. Swag AND style? Yes, please! Can you tell that I just love putting those little headband flower bows on her head? I just think it makes her look girly, which I love.
She is fitting in some of her 3 month clothes! And Savanah (the cat lady I adore) got her this outfit. Isn’t it just so cute? I giggled so much when I put it on her. Awwww kitty baby!! Being the crazy cat lady that I  am, this just makes me happy.
Well, I know this isn’t the baby. But he’s our first baby and he was feeling a little left out of this post.
Don’t worry – he loves his baby sister!


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