Baby O. Photo Dump

Here’s some pictures I’ve been taking of Miss Kennedy lately. I think I’ve taken about five thousand pictures of her in the three weeks of her life.

So is this a cop out post? Possibly. Just enjoy the pictures.

On Christmas Eve at Katie’s house. She’s one week old here
Looks like she’s whistling
I swaddle her very tightly at night and she always seems to get one arm out.  Looks like she’s praising the lawd.
I have two Moby Wraps. Haven’t had much of a chance/use to wear them out but after figuring out how to even put the thing on, I put her in it. I guess she liked it alright!
I wonder what she’s dreaming about?
We go on walks around the neighborhood pretty much daily. She loves the stroller. We’ve also had really warm weather in the 70s, which is great.
Strawberry butt! I keep her in onesies/footsies pretty much all day and all night. She doesn’t really have any “outfits” that fit her yet. Am I a bad mom? When we do take her out, she’s in her car seat bundled up under a blanket.
I tried to get a picture of the two of us, but she started getting dramatic. So I got dramatic with her. HAHA.
Oh hai, I gots a pink hat.
Being this pretty is hard
I swear she smiled at me.


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