My Talents are Endless (aka a New Addiction)

I don’t speak of it much here, but I am a huge music nerd. I’m classically trained singer since forever.  I actually sing with the Houston Symphony Chorus. I took eight years of piano. So basically, I’m awesome.

With that being said, this iPhone app just made me about pee my pants. It’s called VidRhythm and I am officially addicted. My sister introduced it to me, when she made an awesome video cheering on the Texans and posted it on her facebook.

What’s not to love about singing Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in four-part harmony with yourself and your baby who has the hiccups?! Just watch.

Not only do they have a few classics, but you can make dubstep, rap, techno, and much more! I could play with this all day (and maybe I have).

Now my talents are ENDLESS.



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