Baby O. in Photos (volume 4)

Well, my dear friends, I survived my first day back at work. My students and coworkers were happy to have me back. It felt pretty good to successfully complete a work day. However, I will say that it was rough leaving her yesterday morning. Katie and I had a little cry together.

Saying bye bye to daddy
Trying hard to keep it together

But apparently my little girl was good yesterday (despite a poop explosion…ha)! I think I was more worried about how she would behave away from me than anything else. I hoped at the end of the day my best friend would still want to be my best friend. Thank goodness she was a great baby! She even had fun playing with the Toddler.

Let’s hope she keeps this up! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of my last couple of days of maternity leave.
Gotta love those spiky hairs in the back – she looks like a mad scientist
She loves to play airplane
Helping us do some yard work
I dare you to keep a straight face. My mom went to Eastern Europe and picked her up some “cultural” clothing. Greg woke me up and he was holding her and my poor daughter was wearing this. I happen to think the gloves are perhaps the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.
Me and my girl
Catnapping in the swing
Having our last little “morning talk”
Playing on her bear
Story time!
Happy Friday, friends!
I’ve got a whole week off for Spring Break (I told you, baby steps) and it’s back into transitioning to the work routine.
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