Those Bette Davis Eyes

I have been told numerous times that I look like the one and only Bette Davis.

Does anyone remember her?

I am extremely flattered when I hear this because I think she is amazingly gorgeous. I even played the same role she did in The Man Who Came to Dinner (except my version was a high school play and hers a feature film… ha). It must be those eyes. I’ve got those biiiiig ol’ eyes. For years I’ve thought my eyes were way too big and I felt a bit self-conscious about them at times.

Now I love and embrace those Bette Davis Eyes of mine. Before I know it they’ll be droopy and wrinkly, so I embrace them. More space for eyeshadow. More browbone for highlighting. More lid for eyeliner. More steel blue color to match to outfits.

Who’s your doppelganger? Follow this link and share!

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