5 Months

Today Miss Kennedy is 5 months old! Can you believe it?

Kennedy Lately:

  • This past month, Kennedy definitely had some trouble getting to sleep. We fought and fought with her to go down, tried starting her on solids (and then took her off them), and much more. However, this past week, she has been like a new child, going down in her crib without a fight and sleeping through the night! I’m so proud of her.
  • She is awesome at grabbing objects, swatting objects, and trying to put everything in her mouth.
  • Kennedy “talks” even more and has an opinion on just about everything. Her laugh isn’t really a belly laugh, but sort of a chuckle, or sometimes a squeal.
  • In fact, she’s discovered the range and volume of her voice, and she loves to scream and squeal. It’s funny but sometimes she can do this in public places were screaming isn’t acceptable. Haha.
  • We have done one physical therapy session and her torticollis is very mild (thank goodness!). We go back next week for a follow up. I will say that Kennedy’s range of motion on her left side is way better after doing the exercises and she has been getting a lot of tummy time each day.
  • Kennedy loves her weekly schedule. She is awesome during the day away from me, and it has gotten a lot easier to leave her (although it is still hard and I’d rather be with her).
  • She loves to “stand” when you’re holding her and stomps her feet like she’s going to run, or do a jig.
  • She wants to sit a lot more, too, and she is very close to sitting on her own.
  • Kennedy can roll from back to front and front to back. She is amazing.
  • She is wearing 6 month clothes, and they fit her pretty well. She can still squeeze into some of her 3 month clothes. I’ve noticed she takes after me – clothes are loose in the waist but tight in the butt and thighs. Ha… story of my life.
  • I love my little girl’s personality and I still can’t believe it’s possible to love her as much as I do.
This was too cute not to share. Little diva was getting tired of this photoshoot.
How She’s Grown:


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