7 Months

Okay, peeps. I realize this post is like…. 2 weeks late (her monthly birthday is on the 17th). In my defense, we were on vacation when Kennedy turned 7 months old. So when you see her 8 month post two weeks from now, she’s not growing at an exponential speed (although it sometimes feels like she is).

This was taken on her actual 7 month birthday on Cape Cod! I forgot her bear.
I think it’s fun this is a special pic because we were in a special place!

– Sits up unsupported even better!! She can also hold herself up standing for a little bit!
– Can wear 9 month clothes
– She is doing really well on solids. Her favorite foods are avocado and oatmeal!
– Kennedy is talking talking talking! She loves people, places, and being in the action!
– I am not sure if she is all that interested in crawling, but she will sit on her hands and knees.
– She is still waking up about once per night. It’s usually between 11-1 a.m. This is not going to be fun when school starts, so I hope it gets better.
– She and I have had such a fun time together this summer. We enjoy our time at the gym, running errands, and hanging out around the house.
– Kennedy has started rolling over a lot in her sleep. I’ll find her sleeping on her belly! Apparently that is okay for her to sleep like that if she puts herself in that position.
– So many things happened since she’s turned seven months so you’ll just have to wait for two weeks to see what she’s accomplished! Haha!

(Yes, I messed up and put months three and four the same picture so I just fixed it. My lovely husband Greg left a nice comment pointing it out.)
p.s. Like my new blog design? I pretty much did it in four hours. It’s because I’m too legit to quit.


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