A Late Night Singing Vlog Featuring No Makeup and 3 Part Harmony

Well, folks – I’m still alive. I have zero free time, which is always fun. Opening night is fast approaching (for those of you that are new around here, I teach and direct high school theatre) this Thursday, and I truly do miss my free time and sanity.

Tonight I had some much needed alone time, so I took a shower and while I was singing in the shower, I thought it would be fun to do a singing vlog! I have done this one other time on my blog, many a years ago (so if you can find it, kudos to you and you get a cookie). Therein the problem lied – crazy air dried hair and no makeup. Two things you never catch me in the flesh.

Whatever, yo.

I have nothing to hide. And I love this song to pieces.

Well that’s a lovely face.

I love how blogging can really keep me in check sometimes. I actually thought about reapplying my makeup and go crazy with fixing my hair just to film a stupid singing vlog. But what’s the fun in that? To me it felt false and staged. I wanted to feel candid. I just wanted to sing the song, edit in the harmonies (I promise you I did this all in iMovie and without crazy music editing software) and call it a night. I just enjoy singing harmonies and wanted to have a little fun. Yes, this is fun for me for a Saturday night. Who cares if it isn’t perfect? Who cares if I wipe snot away from my nose various times (stupid allergies)? Who cares if my video isn’t HD and the sound is crappy quality?

It’s me tonight. Me right now.


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