Baby O. in Photos {volume 11}

Because I know you can never get enough of Miss Kennedy’s little face! Do you blame me for taking too many pictures?

At her 9 month up check up  (I know, so long ago) // eating some linguine for the first time
On our Trader Joe’s Trip // Encouraged to climb the stage steps
Blogger brunch OOTD // Good morning play time
Sleeping on the plane // Lookin’ presh
Telling an important story // Time for more babyproofing
She loves the “find the acorn” // Spaghetti = toy

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  1. In Love! She is to cute and getting so big! I love the stage photo!

  2. I love the one of her climbing the theatre steps!

  3. hahaha, she’s so cute!!! i love any picture of her with pasta. probably because it’s all i want to eat right now…


  4. Cute cute cute! I can’t get over her beautiful eyes!!

  5. she is adorable. so frickin adorable.

    did i ever tell you that when i was with my ex boyfriend i wanted to name my daughter kennedy;

    love that name
    (can’t name my daughter that now haha associated with the ex)


  6. You’re right! I can’t get enough!!! I love these pictures of her :-)

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