October Beauty Favorites

Can y’all believe it’s already November?! I am ready for colder weather (it’s 80 degrees here today, people) and Christmas drinks at Starbucks! I have been trying a lot of new things lately (which is no surprise), but I have also been reaching for some tried and true favorites. Let’s talk about what I’m loving lately!

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I received a half size product of this primer in one of my Glossyboxes. I am not a huge fan of primers with silicone in it (think Smashbox primer), because I feel like they really make me oily. I like a primer that feels hyrdrating and gives a smooth finish without being greasy. This primer, which is a brand I’ve never heard of or used, is exactly what I want. It’s formulated with collagen and honey, and it even has little gold flakes in it! Glossybox rocks, people. I actually have a vlog coming up about why I love it and some of my favorite products I’ve received. ALSO, if you have thought about trying Glossybox but not sure, all of the proceeds of their boxes sold through November 6 will go towards Hurricane Sandy reliefs! It’s a great way to try the subscription while also helping a great cause! Sign up HERE!

I’ve had this product for a little while and just haven’t reached for it until lately. I love how moisturizing it is while also still being matte. The berry color is perfect for fall, and looks great with my skin tone. Plus it is formulated with all natural ingredients, which I appreciate.

I picked this lipstick up when I did Back to Mac (save empty bottles and packages of Mac products and once you get  6, turn them into a Mac counter and they give you a free lipstick). I love that it has blue undertones, which makes my teeth look whiter. It’s a bright punchy pink, which can be worn really loud or really subdued, depending on how much you apply. I love bright colors for fall, and this totally fits the bill.

BlogHer and Mary Kay sent me a loot of beauty products, and among them was this mascara. I love waterproof mascaras and I just have been reaching for this one more and more. I love the brush and the way it applies! It is so easy to layer and make it look very voluminous.

I ran out of my beloved StudioFinish concealer a few months ago and I started using something else from the drugstore in the meantime. I picked some more up this weekend, and thank goodness I did. Yeah, this one is defnitely my favorite. My holy grail. Enough said.

I have been a long time lover and user of the Suave Dry Shampoo. I saw the Dove one at Target when I ran out and went to replenish. I thought it was worth trying, since it was only about a dollar more than the Dove one. I just love it! The scent is really nice, and it works amazingly. I am very impressed with this and I am going to start making it a regular in my dry shampoo rotation.

So, there’s my October favorites! What beauty items have you been reaching for and loving lately? Do share so I can add it to my “to try” list!


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    I’ve never been a fan of MK products. But I like mascaras that I can play with and layer. I’m intrigued…

    Do you use the StudioFinish for under eyes or for blemishes? I’m needing a good blemish concealer…

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    I love the SOL ‘How to Avoid Sun Milk’ sunscreen. It’s really hard to find a good SPF 50! I’ve never tried any of their other products though.

    That Dove dry shampoo is awesome. It reminds me of the Alterna one, but a 4th of the price – which is always nice!

    I look forward to your beauty favorites! I’ve been meaning to try those Tarte Lipsurgence!

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    I’m so curious about the Tarte lip stain! And I’ve been using the Suave dry shampoo but maybe I put too much or I chose the wrong scent but the smell is soooo strong that it gives me a headache! Knowing me I’m doing it all wrong. ha!

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    Well I’m definitely putting the Dove dry shampoo on the list. I’m soon to pop out this third baby and we all know how showering takes a back seat with newborns! Thanks for sharing!

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    I’ll definitely have to try the dry shampoo! We’re sending a package to some friends in the peace corps in Cambodia, so I will be digging through your drugstore finds to send her some goodies!

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