Tiny Prints Holiday Cards + Giveaway!

If you have been around for a while, you know that I love Tiny Prints. I have used them for past paper good projects, such as last year’s Christmas card and Kennedy’s birth announcement:


Precious, right? Anyway, of course I would use Tiny Prints over any other options for Holiday Photo Cards. I’m so lucky that we are working together again this year! Here are some of the options I’m looking at this year. What do we think?

Right now, I’m drawn to number 2. I just love simplicity and vintage feel of it while also pulling in the actual reason for the season. Which one is your favorite?

Well, you’re in luck! Go pick out a favorite here and then come enter my giveaway to win some for yourself! The giveaway enters this Friday so you only have a few days to enter!

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This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, but opinions are all my own. Seriously, I would use Tiny Prints forever.


  1. I LOVE tiny prints so much too :)
    I got my cards from them this year and I love the option to have rounded corners. little details like that, just make this company sooo awesome! yay for amazing holiday cards :)

  2. I already ordered my Christmas cards… so maybe I’d do some to send to bloggers!

  3. I think y’all should order the 2nd one! So pretty.

  4. I love them too and am working with them again this year as well. Yay!! But just wanted to chime in and say I think either 1 or 3 are my faves for you ;)

  5. I think you should get the first one! I like the classy crystals!

  6. I love the ornament card! It’s so unique!

  7. Here’s hoping! We need to get cards out this year!

  8. Also, the third one is my fav.

  9. I already have a deal for Christmas cards so I won’t enter but I love these cards! I really like the second one. Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

  10. I really like the Modern Chevron card – I’d choose that one if I won.

  11. I love the Snowy Air and Taste of Tradition ones! Eeek– can’t wait to send out cards this year as a married couple! :)

  12. Love these cards!! So cute!! 2 is my fav too!! Love it!!!

  13. I loved having these as my Christmas cards last year!! They are awesome!!

  14. They’re ALL so fantastic, just adorable. Maybe if I win, then I’ll have a reason to get family portraits done this year ;-)

  15. I really like the last one, I haven’t seen a shape like that before.

  16. Um, can you just get one of each?! Haha, I like them all really.

  17. I love the “wonders of His Love” one and the one below it… I just really like the rounded corners :)

  18. For you, I like #1 or #2, all depends on what type of photo you put in there.

    For me, we are planning to go with Tiny Prints for our holiday cards this year, so we have picked out Love and Cheer–haven’t ordered yet, but planning to this weekend or early next week!

  19. I really love the 1st and 3rd, but mostly the 3rd! The typography is perfect :)

  20. I really like the third one! If I won – I think I’d pick the Yappy Howlidays cards. :-)

  21. I agree with you! #2 is my absolute fav!
    Hope you are doing well, Meg. :)

  22. Looove the third one down!!

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