2012 Reflections / What’s in Store for 2013

These past couple of days I have really thought about how 2012 was full of great moments. It was full of new learning experiences. Most importantly, it was full of blessings.

It’s just crazy to think that one year ago, Kennedy was only two weeks old. It feels like I blinked and she all of a sudden became a toddler.

2012 was basically Kennedy’s first year of life. I started out the new year on maternity leave, getting her on a schedule, making sure she was nursing enough, tummy time, all the while recovering from a c-section. She has been such an easy baby, even though I worried for the first six months about her coloboma (keyhole pupil). Luckily, her vision is perfect and it’s only a cosmetic birth mark. Yes, it still hurts when people make off hand remarks, but I know that it’s mostly because her coloboma is so rare (1 in 10,000). Usually when people meet Kennedy they are taken away by her beauty and her sweet personality.

I went from nine weeks of baby bliss at home to going back to work full time. I was so reluctant and anxious to go back. I was lucky enough to have my best friend watch Kennedy for those few months until summer. I then had to learn how to work, pump, and be away from my baby.

Summer was amazing. I got into a great routine. I worked out pretty much every day and started to lose the majority of my baby weight. I had gained 50 pounds (yeah, way more than you should), and I finally got down to the under ten pound mark at the end of the summer. I am currently 5 pounds up (I think, I haven’t weighed myself in a month). My pre-pregnancy jeans fit again! In July, Greg and I  celebrated 3 years of marriage. He is my rock and such an amazing daddy. Not to mention we went on an amazing trip to Cape Cod and a cousin’s wedding in Atlanta!

When fall started again, I was even more nervous to go back to work because I would have to spend more time there for rehearsal. And Kennedy was starting a Mother’s Day Out, which was going to be a different experience. Luckily Kennedy loves her school and does amazingly on her routine. When I was in the midst of directing my fall show, she would come with me to parts of rehearsal and Greg would come get her. It was nice to have her around a lot. Once the show ended, I had some down time and then I felt like all of a sudden Kennedy turned one year. We had an awesome birthday party for her!

Blogging has brought me a lot of joy. I have found a really awesome creative outlet (not that I don’t get that out of my system directing plays) and I feel like I’ve found my voice. My blog has evolved with me into motherhood, and I am so happy to be a “mommy beauty blogger”…. or whatever the heck I am. Blogging has brought me amazing friendships, a thicker skin, and a great way to challenge myself.

I’ve made a few personal hopes for the new year. I also think it’s appropriate for some “blog resolutions.” I am hoping to have some new things happen on my blog for 2013. I want to continue to challenge myself and build a great space on the internet. I don’t want to pressure myself to get into this “I have to post 5 times a week” mentality, because I have always felt that it’s more important for me to post when I have something to say. If it’s at 10:00 p.m. on a Wednesday (yep, that’s right now), then I’ll post it if I fancy.

For my blog, I would hope to:
– Post more recipes, especially healthy ones
– Improve my photography
– More specific product reviews
– More routine posts (skin care, hair care)
– More about healthy living and getting back into pre-pregnancy shape

I also want to incorporate more personal posts. I tend to be either “omg look at this pretty makeupz!” or “I am super mom with the best baby ever.” I might even consider doing some style/fashion posts to help me get inspired to challenge myself in the wardrobe department. I mean, my students tell me how much they like what I’m wearing. If an angsty teenager thinks my fashion is cool, perhaps the blog world will.

What do y’all think? What would you like to see?
Here’s to 2013!

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