Daytime Smoky Eye Using the Naked Palette

I have had some requests for some tutorials on how I use the Naked Palette to create a wearable smoky eye. I decided that a video tutorial was in order! I find that it’s easier to explain rather than photos. Y’all better watch it because it took me forever to do. I mean, the filming part is easy and what not, but my iMovie hates importing HD files, so it took 30 minutes to import each clip. And about three hours to export it. So yeah…. watch the video already. And excuse my non made up face. I also kind of hate the way my hair looks here. I curled it up real tight to comb out later. Blah. Whatever. Just watch it.

daytime smoky eye tutorial with the naked palette


Question: How do you wear your Naked Palette? Leave me comments letting me know how you use yours!

Next up: evening smoky eye!!


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