If you Really, Really Knew Me (Part 2)

I have to admit… I kind of feel like that post last week was a bit of a cop out. Like I said, I wanted to incorporate more personal posts into my blog and stretch myself. So what if I am deathly afraid of unfinished wood and have freakishly hyperextendy elbows?! I don’t even give a crap.

So, I’m going to do this in the most voyeuristic way I can possibly imagine. Miss Kennedy has gone down for the night and it’s time to get these blogging juices flowing.

I know I like to see a little snippet of a blogger’s life. I am a nosy lady. Really nosy. What better way to show you snippets of my life, this evening…. RIGHT NOW?! Okay, you’ll be reading this tomorrow morning, but you get the drift.

If I were a true blogger, I would show you my fancy clothes, how amazingly decorated my house is, my impeccable makeup organization, and how beautifully my nails are painted.

I’m afraid I am currently no such thing.

I’m wearing yoga pants. I change into them immediately upon arriving at home. Like you don’t do the same thing. Psh. Those aren’t some fancy lululemon pants. Girl, they be Old Navy.  But because I have made myself into an animated gif it means I am automatically funny and cool.

Hurricane Kennedy worked her way through my living room. I’m not even going to show you what her room looks like. Just picture sparkles and rainbows. Oh and tons of chevron and glitter.
This is all of my “new” makeup that I haven’t found room for yet. That includes about 7 eye palettes. I have yet to come up with a better organization method for my stuff, but I have a feeling it is going to involve multiple plastic drawers. And of course my tampons had to go somewhere.
That’s my counter right now – the way I left it this morning when I rushed out the door. Hello, Lorac Pro Palette. You are amazing. I think I will write a review on you soon. And I keep my brushes in coffee mugs (one mug is for face brushes, the other for eye). And they haven’t been washed in about three weeks. And that’s my eye/lip drawer. It surprisingly holds a ton of stuff.
This would be my face drawer. It holds a lot of crap. It doesn’t look like a lot but it is a TON of crap. Now I’m inspired to do a post where I take out all of my makeup and line it up on the floor to see how much crap I actually have. Would anyone want to see that? Probably not.
My nails’ current condition. I start peeling and picking off the polish after about five days. I won’t leave the house with them like this, and I am going to repaint them after I am done typing this blog post (or just go bare nailed if I’m too lazy). And for all those that are wondering (because I know you all are… duh), it’s OPI Bubble Bath. Think I should link this up for the Nail Files, Tara? Feel free to pin this to your Pinterest Nail Boards immediately.
I store all my polishes in a huge old Tiffany box. It sounds fancy, but I promise you it isn’t. I think this packaged a wedding gift… I believe a crystal mug (that Greg obviously drinks his beer from every Sunday while he watches football). There are also polishes randomly around the house I haven’t put back in the box yet. Blogging has made my nail polish collection grow exponentially so I should be a true blogger and get myself a spice rack for my bathroom.
And because there’s no better way to be a voyeur than to peek into someone’s fridge….. here’s mine.  Nothing exciting, except there’s a lot of beer and ingredients to make mimosas (the Cupcake prosecco is in the very back). Brunch, anyone?!

So there you have it, unwatermarked photos and all! Because, really… who in their right mind would even want those pictures? Did I just blow your mind?  I almost uploaded them all to PicFX and put little bokeh hearts all over them to “spice them up a bit,” but decided that might be a little overkill. I totally understand after today if you want to unfollow my blog and my totally horrible makeup organization and nasty nails. I get it.

Have a great Tuesday!
Okay, I really should slow it down with those animated gifs.
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