It’s a New Dawn, it’s a New Day, it’s a New Name! (Giveaway)

Hello, everyone!

Notice the new changes? I am still trying to get my old URL to forward to my new one, but my feed should be the same and you should be able to still see me in your google reader! Let’s hope so, at least…

So would y’all do me a huge huge favor and make sure if you are linking me or if you have my on your blogroll, that you update your links to Thanks so much, buttercups!

It has been quite an ordeal changing URLs, and I totally do not recommend that without consulting a professional first. I still have a lot of kinks to work out, but I am happy that the process has started!
So, as a welcome to my new blog name, I want to celebrate with a $25 Ulta gift card and ad space giveaway! There’s not a million things to do to enter. Make sure you’re following me or subscribed, leave me a comment and tell me something funny.

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  1. Yay for the new name!! I love it!

  2. Oh, something funny… Let’s see. I talked to a new client yesterday who was charged with “knowingly and willfully throwing, emitting, or causing to be used as a projectile, bodily fluids or excrement at a person who is an employee of the State or a local government.” So, that was funny… Hope you’re having a great day, Meg! :)

  3. The new name is great and I’ve made sure that I have updated your name in my reader.

    Something funny…..I have been spicy all week. Between curse words and hand gestures, I’m what’s considered a biatch lol

  4. Well, in my super hurry to run upstairs and eat my super yummy grilled cheese sandwich, I most definitely fell going UP the stairs. And Kobi stared at me like I was a real idiot.

    Thankfully my sandwich was just fine.

  5. My husband’s younger brother joined the army last fall and he had Christmas leave the same time my husband did. They both spent a majority of their leave in pjs (a tee and nearly identical sleep pants that their mom got them for Xmas). They have always had very similar personalities and look alike (they are brothers after all), but now that his brother has the same haircut as he does, me and his brother’s wife kept getting the two confused! There were so many times one of us would walk up to the wrong brother and go to playfully smack ‘em in the butt, just to realize that it wasn’t our husband. LOL

  6. Love the new name!! Something funny…it’s been a weird week, so I don’t have anything funny :(

  7. ULTA free for all? Um, yes please! Thanks and so happy to be the newest sponsor!

  8. The hubs told me five “funnies” for this and I’m not using any of them…

  9. Something funny – What do you call a nosy pepper? Give up?!



  10. Hm, something funny… how about the only joke I can ever remember?

    What do you do if you get attacked by the circus?

    Go for the juggler.

    Heh, I’m so lame.

  11. Something Funny :)

  12. Love your new name. something funny … hmmm … picking up a battery at work yesterday, it was stuck to something, so I pulled hard. It suddenly let go, and I smacked myself in the face with a 14 lb motorcycle battery.

  13. Let’s see… this morning I heard a NASTY fart come from the living room. Clearly my husband was being gross. I walk in and … nope. It was the baby. My baby’s farts sound like grown adults. Yuck! ;)

  14. Seriously love your new name! Something funny…I’m pulling a blank on this…come back to me later :)

  15. I absolutely love it!

    Let’s see…something funny. I was snuggling with my hubby on the couch and I fell off. Like a child.

  16. I love the new name!!! I spent the entire morning searching for my phone only to remember that it was still plugged into the wall….


  18. Yay excited for a give away at the new blog!

    Something funny, it’s Friday, right? You would think it’s Monday for me. Grabbed Neutrogena instead of tooth paste to brush my teeth :)

    Happy Friday!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. My husband put on my skinny jeans tonight. I kid you not. He looked better in them than I do. He looked like a model.

  21. What did Ernie say to Bert when he asked him to go to the ice cream store?


    A classic in my collection. lol :)

  22. You’re new name is perfection!!! And the tagline pretty much sums it up! :)

    Something funny… let’s see… while cooking with Chris tonight he told me that we need to get married soon so we can get new pots & pans. Apparently an expensive wedding is cheaper than buying new pots & pans ?!!? Men…

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