Coming Soon to a TV Near You…

When a producer from Deals contacted me looking for local Houston bloggers to film some money saving segments, I jumped on that opportunity! Deals is a show that airs on ABC, and is nationally syndicated. Apparently this show is filmed in Houston (who knew?!) and is all about various ways to live a fabulous life for less dinero. I thought I would fit in with a beauty segment, and the producer was very excited for what I had in mind! I am all about a beauty steal and I am constantly searching for something that performs just as well as high end brands. I also believe in using things around your house to help with your beauty routine (I mean, I use EVOO as makeup remover because it’s the best thing I’ve found).
We decided on four different easy DIY beauty projects that we would film (all things that I have previously done before with success). Above are two of the four. Just you stay tuned because I will most definitely blog about them!
The best part is that all the filming was done at my house! It was so cool to see all the camera equipment set up in my casa and really feel comfortable. As being a theatre director by trade, I feel like a lot of the production elements are very similar to a shooting session, and the producer was surprised at how well I understood how it all worked — all the stopping, starting, repeating, re-enacting, etc. I am very comfortable in front of the camera and that kind of stuff doesn’t phase me. I definitely had a few moments where I flubbed my words, but the great part about that is that I could start over. Can’t do that in theatre!
They first did a short interview with me and had me speak about myself and my blog. Then we filmed all of the projects, and at the very end, they got some shots of me on my laptop, and Kennedy jumped right in and got in some of the shots (by that time, my sister had brought her home from school)! So not only am I a TV star, my 14 month old daughter is making her TV debut as well! She was hilarious in front of the camera. It’s like she knew exactly what to do. What a little star!

I am not sure exactly when the show will air, but the producer told me that it would likely be in June. I will definitely keep y’all posted so you can DVR the show and hopefully be able to catch the recap online! In the meantime, check out the show Deals, and take a look at some of the awesome segments on their website. I have enjoyed watching all of the money saving clips!


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