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This blogging world can be so small! It’s unbelievable. Greg and I joined a bible study in September, and we have had a blast getting to know our small group. And what do you know? One of the awesome girls, Chelsea, in the group is a blogger (visit her blog here:!!! She also works for an amazing online company called the Hair Bow Company.

The Hair Bow Company specializes in accessories and clothing items for babies and young girls at extremely affordable prices. They sell all of their items at wholesale prices, which keeps the prices very low for the customer. And let me tell you, they have some amazingly cute stuff! Like this (glitter ballerina slippers for only $4.59?!), this (a crochet headband for only $2.99!), this (oh em gee, a bikini romper for $12.99)… and oh, this (a petti flower tank top for $9.99!!!).

Chelsea graciously offered to give me some things for Kennedy to review, and she spoiled me beyond belief! This review has been a long time coming. Look at what she gave us!

Hair Bow Company Products

All of the items feel of really high quality. The clothing items are super soft and durable feeling, and the hair items are put together well. We only had one instance where Kennedy was able to pull one clip apart (not pictured because I wasn’t able to fix it), but I swear she had some Hulk-like strength come over her body. She has also destroyed some other hair stuff in the past so this isn’t a reflection of the durability of the ones from the Hair Bow Company.

I previously mentioned that Kennedy wore that vintage tulle headband for her birthday party. Here’s a picture again, because it was just so darn cute.

hair bow company headband first birthday

But of course, we had to have a modeling session, because you have to see how stinking cute this girl is in her goodies. She actually loves getting dressed (she never wants to be naked) and I swear she knows it when she looks cute. So perhaps this is why she was such a good model.

heart petti top hair bow company
This heart petti top is so perfect for Valentine’s Day! I paired it with some simple grey leggings and her new big girl Keds! This would be great for a casual day and for play wear. And oh my goodness, sweet girl’s hair is long enough for me to clip that precious korker hair bow in (granted she isn’t great lately with keeping bows in her hair)! I think she’s ready to be a fashion blogger. Look at those poses!
hair bow company leopard petti skirt and headband
How precious is this leopard print petti skirt?! It screams glamour girl!  I  think it’s perfect for special occasions and photo opportunities! I like also that it will fit Kennedy a long time (I think the elastic is stretchy enough) And of course the headband is just a perfect match!

Girl moms, get yourself over to the Hair Bow Company immediately and grab some of those precious items!

What do you think of my little fashionista?


  1. She is so cute! All of the items are adorable!

  2. SO CUTE!!!! Love Kennedy’s pictures! Can she come to the next blogger meet up?!! ;) I will have to check out Chelsea’s page!! I have so many little friends that have birthdays coming up!

  3. They’re so adorable!! Every time I see her, I can’t believe how big she is! What a happy girl. :)

  4. OH, MY GOSH! My uterus is squealing! Kennedy looks so precious! That smile! A fashion blogger in the making, for sure. :)

  5. Lol! Love the poses. She is too cute!! Emily will not keep things in her hair. Drives me nuts!

  6. She is so.dang.cute! What a little model!! And I just looked at that site – crazy affordable! Thanks for sharing, I’m always on the lookout for more cute things for V! ;)

  7. You’re right! She is so stinkin cute!

  8. Oh my goodness. Super cute! Love the heart shirt. :)

  9. Ok, she has gotten SO big! What a doll!

  10. OMG!!!! ADORABLE. She is soooo adorable in that laughing picture with the heart shirt! I hope you’re getting it framed!!

  11. she is too too cute! i think she may end up being a fashion blogger when she grows up! :)

  12. Look at her huge smile!!!!!!! She seriously has gotten so big since I saw her last when we went to dinner!!!!!! And look at her little toesies in that last pic! She’s so precious, Meg. Love her and you!

  13. She is the sweetest!

  14. Ah! Her little smile is the best. She certainly is quite the little model, she clearly loves it.

  15. she is SO cute :)

  16. Soooooooooo cute Meg! And I can totally see you in your little pumpkin! :)

    Love the “new” (to me) blog design. I still need to enlist your services on my blog. I am back in action!

    Anyway, have a fabulous day marvelous mama!

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