16 Months

Yesterday, little Miss Kennedy turned 16 months! Can we believe it? Nope.

I was able to snap this picture this past weekend when we went to go visit Greg’s parents who live in the Austin area. If you’re a Texan, you know you’ve got to get a picture in the bluebonnets in spring! We also were able to get her grandpa to snap a quick photo of us all!


  • I’m pretty sure Kennedy will be running by tomorrow. She is getting so fast.
  • She is also getting a little more independent. When we were walking around downtown Austin, she wanted to get out of the stroller and not only walk by herself, but not hold mama’s hand! Of course I had none of that. Mama won.
  • Kennedy’s vocabulary is still ever-growing. She is such a darn good communicator. She will copy you and try to form words and repeat them back to you. I really think she has a good ear. I’ve got a video down at the bottom of this post so you can see what I mean. I think she has a musical ear and is trying to match pitch. Which makes me a proud music mama!!
  • She had her school pictures done recently and they are just too funny. They did class pictures and individual pictures. She is such a hoot.
  • I think she is starting to understand the concept of herself and her name. When you ask her “Where’s Kennedy?” she will put her hands on her head and pat her head. I could have sworn she tried to say Kennedy as well (not an easy name to say for a little one).
  • Her favorite foods are banana, cheerios, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and spicy food (like chili, spaghetti, or Tex-Mex). So fruit and spicy. I’m having a bit of a challenge trying to get her to eat vegetables, but I sneak them in and I won’t give up that fight.
  • She’s still a Mickey Mouse lover. She calls him “KEE!” Yet she can say Daisy “DE-see”
  • Speaking of Daisy, she loves ducks. She calls them “DUH!”

See? I mean her personality is just too much to handle. I am in love with this little girl more and more! I’ll leave you with two short videos to show you how fun this little girl is.

I guess she is a crazy cat lady in training. Also, I realize her room is a mess. She’s a toddler. Which basically means a human manifestation of a tornado.

This is a good example of how she tries to match pitch! Don’t you hear her trying? I am so proud! Also, the little “a duh DUH duh!” is a song she made up. She randomly started “singing” it when she was around 9 months old. I have no idea where she learned it or if she made it up, but we call it the Kennedy Song.

Happy 16 Months, pretty girl! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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