30 Things I’ve Learned at 30

In 6 days, I officially leave my twenties. The days of youth are behind me and the years of true responsibility are in front of me. I’ve really been thinking a lot about it lately and how much I’ve changed just in ten years. Probably the most changing and growing I’ve had to do in my life. Graduating college, starting my teaching job, getting married, buying a home, having a baby, raising a toddler. It’s surreal.

I’m a grown up.

I’ve sure learned a lot in my ripe old age. Things that took me years to figure out should have taken me months, but I suppose that’s okay and that’s what makes me…. me. And what a better opportunity than to impart my infinite knowledge and wisdom than a blog post? I mean, us old people know so much. Thanks to Neely for this inspiration!

I hereby give you:

30. Being too nice may sometimes be weak.

29. Always listen to your gut feeling.

28. Play nice. Nobody likes a meanie.

27. Don’t interrupt.

26. A night of drinking an entire fish bowl by yourself will result in an A on your college Music Theory exam (Anne and Dee, I know you can vouch for this one).

25. Nobody is gorgeous in middle school.

24. Making up little fibs just turns into bigger lies later on.

23. Never, ever date someone who is waaaaaaay uglier than you. Stay with those who are at the same level of hotness.

22. It’s okay to like a lot of things. Try them all out.

21. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than comfortable.

20. What’s popular isn’t always right. What’s right isn’t always popular. (Someone smarter than me said that.)

19. Belonging to some sort of community will validate and make you feel more connected.

18. Knowing etiquette and manners will make an impression and help you in many social situations.

17. Study abroad in college. Go by yourself. Take that random weekend to Sicily. Travel to Brussels alone. You won’t regret it.

16. You know when you’ve met “the one.” It’s cheesy and ridiculous and true all at the same time.

15. You will do things that you will regret immensely. Don’t ever forget them and brush them off, but don’t let guilt consume you. Let it drive you to be a better person now.

14. It isn’t always about you.

13. Having a child will change your life for the better.

12. There is never a right time for anything, no matter how well you think you need to plan things out.

11. You are freaking skinny, 20-something self. Shut your darn mouth. Embrace that Texas Toast.

10. Acknowledge when and how you are wrong.

9. Apologize. Even if you don’t want to.

8. God will never give you anything you cannot handle.

7. Not everyone will love you no matter how hard you try. That’s okay.

6. Be useful.

5. Laugh at yourself.

4. Love one another.

3. Work hard, play hard.

2. Being a grown up isn’t all that bad.

1. Always be you.


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