Let’s Talk Brows

If there’s one thing that I get a lot of comments on, it’s my eyebrows. I do not exaggerate when I say that every time my principal sees me she comments on how “amazing” they are. I think it’s hilarious. Although I was blessed with quite dark eyebrows, they are pretty unruly and require a bit of upkeep on my part.

If I’m being perfectly honest here, I think the most important thing you do in your makeup routine has to be to fill in your eyebrows. Let’s face it, sometimes us busy women and mamas don’t have time for much of a routine, but this is something that’s very easy to incorporate! It’s not super complicated, and pretty fool proof. But don’t you worry, I’m going to show you all the things I do to keep my brows in tip top shape.

First thing’s first. Let me give you visual proof that filling in your brows is probably the single most important thing you can do.


We’re not going to talk about how the rest of my makeup is pretty lackluster (and my hair… ew). This is about brows, people. Okay, left eye versus right eye. Seriously, isn’t it a huge difference? I feel like my left (your right) eye looks less tired, the arch is more prominent and lifted, and my face looks more framed. I filled in my brows, put a little clear brow gel over it and highlighted under the brow. Took me a total of two minutes.

And a close up,
importance of filling in brows
Yikes, I should have used some Bobbi Brown Corrector under those eyes. But again, this is not about my “meh” makeup. As you can probably see, the filled in brow looks less harsh, more airbrushed, even though it is more prominent on my face. Hallelujah for filled in brows!
So what do I do to get this look? Here are my essentials:
tweezers, highlighting pencil, nail scissors, brow gel, brow pencil
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TWEEZERS: For obvious reasons. The key is not to over pluck, and never pluck above the eyebrow. I’ve stopped getting my brows threaded and waxed because I am actually okay with the way tweezing feels. Weird, right? If you don’t like to pluck, by all means, get them shaped and waxed/threaded. These tweezers are nothing special – just something from the drugstore.

HIGHLIGHTER PENCIL: This is an optional product to use, but I think highlighting under the brow (on the brow bone) really helps with lifting and making your eyes look more awake. I love the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk; it blends great and is a matte milky white color. You can also most definitely use a light eyeshadow or any other highlighter you may have. I just like how this is so easy to use.

SMALL NAIL SCISSORS: Like I’ve said before, my brows are quite unruly. When they get a little long, I will brush them down and then trim them. Sometimes this will make them look a little less full when they are naked, but if my brows are filled in properly they definitely look more shaped.

BROW GEL: Another optional product, but it definitely helps keep my brows in place after I’ve filled and brushed them into place. This is great to use for long days. I have the Anastasia Brow Gel, which is a deluxe sample I received in my Ipsy bag, but I also like the e.l.f. clear brow gel (and it’s cheap).

BROW PENCIL: The single most important item of all. I prefer the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Ash. I have tried many brow pencils and this one is my holy grail (my last one lasted me a year and a half!). I prefer a pencil over a powder because it’s easier to use and I don’t have to mess with other applicators, not to mention the little spoolie on the other end is handy to brush brows into place. If you don’t want to go out and buy a brow product, you can always use a matte eyeshadow that matches your brows and apply it with a small angled brush.


CHOOSING THE RIGHT COLOR: I definitely recommend heading to Sephora or your favorite beauty counter and have them color match you. You can also purchase brow products in a “universal taupe” color – that has actually worked well on my medium brows.

APPLICATION: Use small, light strokes and start from the inner part of your brow and move outward. Make sure to brush through as you go, just in case you apply too much. The key is to fill what you have and not make them look “drawn on”. Unless you’re into the whole Chola look.

So there you have it! Super simple, super easy. You have no excuse now. Fill them brows!


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