May 2013 Beauty Favorites

Here we are! My birthday month (duh, I celebrate the whole month even though it’s at the beginning of the month)! I actually have bought quite a few new things lately and I have a lot to share and a lot of ideas for posts this summer. If there is anything you would like me to post about, makeup wise, then leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to get inspired by your ideas!

So, let’s get on with my favorites from this month!

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I picked this up with an Ulta gift card, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have splurged the $30-something dolla bills (I always splurge when I have a gift card). But it turns out I really, really like it. It’s a baked blush with different pigments swirled together. It’s kind of sparkly (and you know I sometimes have an aversion to too-sparkly makeup), but it is more luminous than chunky glitter. The shade is very flattering, and I picked it up because I felt like it would work well in the summer months when I am not using a pink blush!

I am probably going to do a full review on this product later on, but it just had to make my favorites list. It’s a root/scalp treatment, and runs at about $20 a pop. You are supposed to spray about ten pumps on your roots two times a day and it helps with volume and thickening your hair. This stuff is legit. I haven’t had the chance to use the bottle up quite yet, and I’ve only been using it a few weeks, but the thickness and volume of my hair is outta control. I love it! I am not sure if it is actually making hair grow but it is sure making it appear thicker, and it lasts through an evening.

I picked this up at Ulta, and it was kind of a spur of the moment purchase. I had totally forgotten that Samantha Chapman, YouTube beauty guru extraordinaire, had developed this line of brushes! I have been using this one to blend my Revlon Colorstay foundation, and I am loving the finish it gives. Very airbrushed. I have also used this to contour with bronzer, and it fits pretty well into all of the places I contour. Pretty versatile brush, and it was only $8 or so! I also picked up the setting brush which I love, but I just wish there were more brushes in this line. I would probably buy more!

I have been wanting to get myself a Lip Tar for a while now, and I had a Sephora gift card (people surely know the way to my heart, don’t they?) so I splurged. I have hot pink and true red lipsticks, so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and get something a little different – coral. I picked the shade “Grandma” as it was described as a true coral. The name cracked me up, as well. I mean, quite fitting for me coming up on that big birthday of mine. And I just love it! It goes on smoothly, but dries almost like a stain. It is best to use the little brush that comes with it, as it is very pigmented. I have worn this sheer and opaque, and it looks gorgeous either way!

I was looking for a MAC Satin Taupe dupe and it seemed like everywhere on the internet suggested this eyeshadow. And they were right! It is a universally flattering taupe color with a satin finish. It should pretty much be a staple in your makeup collection. It also kind of reminds me of one of the shades in the Naked 2 palette – Suspect, I believe. Anyway, it was $4 or something. Worth it. Get it. NYX is such an awesome affordably-priced brand, also.

One last thing to show you. In the photo below, I have used all five of my beauty favorites! I am wearing the Iced Mocha eyeshadow, Golden Apricot blush and Grandma Lip Tar. FAB-BU-LUSS.

What have you been using and loving lately? Leave your favorites in the comments so I can add it to my ever-growing wish list!


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