19 Months

Today Kennedy is nineteen months old! And there isn’t a better way, in my opinion, to celebrate. We are currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico on a family trip. Of course I had to take her monthly portrait while we were out exploring yesterday. We found an amazing spot with views of the entire town, and a great place to take her photo. So here we are!


– Currently cutting all four of her canine teeth. She has been a little irritablle (read: a lot). One year ago she actually cut her first tooth!
– Is an amazing travel buddy. She has been on nine roundtrip flights! This past flight was great – she watched some Mickey on the iPad and ate some snacks. She just loves airplanes.
– Talks nonstop. I’m pretty sure she is already stringing together 4-word sentences. I’ve never had a hard time understanding her, because she’s been such a great communicator. She will tell you exactly how she feels!
– Wears 2T clothes (that are still a little big) and size 5 baby shoes. She really does have small feet.
– Weighs a whopping 26 pounds and is 33 inches. I think she’s relatively tall.
– Gives lots of kisses and hugs.
– Loves being the center of attention (I wonder who she got that from? hmm…) and will totally ham it up in front of a group of people.
– Is starting to need a gentle bit of discipline. No, I’m not spanking or really doing time out, but trying to redirect and distract as much as possible.
– Is very easy to put down for naps and bedtime. To the point where I just lay her in her crib, say “night night” and walk out. I fully realize that if/when we have another baby, it will totally be the opposite.
– Has some picky eater moments (especially while teething), but is getting better with veggies!
We love this little girl and we can’t believe how fast Miss Kennedy is growing!!!

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