Chatty Kennedy

I mentioned before in Kennedy’s 19 Month update that she is talking quite a bit. And when I mean that, I really do mean that.

Homegirl won’t shut up.

Especially if she has a group of people to listen to her. She is such a ham, and basically will put on a performance for you. Well golly gee, I wonder where she gets that? Hmm. You know, because, I’m such a shy person without any performance experience whatsoever.

My brother-in-law was over the other day and immediately she began loving the attention the three people in the room were giving her. She had to, well, greet us quite a few times. After the greetings were out of the way, of course she gets to tell us all about her favorite thing ever… you guessed it, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Ah, just watch for yourself.

Told ya. Chatty.

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