Grin and Bare It

I have felt kind of stuck when it comes to conjuring up personal posts for my blog. Sure, let me blog about an awesome beauty product I’ve found or recipe I’ve tried and it’s second nature. But to… talk about myself and actually get personal? Much harder. I have wanted to incorporate more writing and more peeks into my daily life, as non-bloggable as it may be. You may have recently seen my beauty vlog with Kennedy or my Photo an Hour post. I love reading blogs that let us peek into their lives, even if they are niche blogs.

What about me, though? Strip away some layers and what do you have?

A bare face, obviously. And quite literally.

Ding ding ding. Nothing better than a beauty-obsessed blogger without nothing but a bit of eye cream on. And clothes, obviously. I’m not a complete stranger to baring it (face wise, pervs) on my blog, but it does take some guts as I am completely addicted to a full face of makeup. So here goes nothing. And in no way is this for me to fish for compliments.

– Is sporting acne (yes, there is a big pimple a-brewing on the side of my forehead) and aging. Nobody told me that I’d be dealing with both at 30.
– Cannot get rid of under eye circles no matter what. And I have accepted that and thanked my lucky stars for Bobbi Brown Corrector.
– Looks unframed without brow products.
– Still has blackheads. And a crooked nose, for that matter.
– Has battle wounds from previous breakouts (aka acne scarring)
– Can withstand a good chemical peel or a strong dose of Retin-A.
– Sweats and oils up like a teenager, but has horribly dry and sensitive under eyes.
– Has been seen a lot more lately, due to the summer off with Kennedy and sweaty mornings at the gym.
– Is addicted to lip balm in the evening.
– Has a chin scar from when I was pushed into the tile floor in kindergarten. I had to have stitches.
– Has various chickenpox scars.
– Seems to be sprouting little hairs in places I have never seen before. Hey, we said we were getting raw and honest here. I just love hormonal changes and aging, by the way. And by that I mean it’s a total bee-yotch.

But this bare face grins and bears it. This face gets a layer of moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream, primer, foundation, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, brow pencil, corrector, concealer, powder, bronzer, and blush. And that makes it all better.

Except not really.

The makeup doesn’t really make it all better unless I am comfortable in my own skin, which I am. I can honestly say that I’ve spent countless hours on YouTube and the internet scouring everything to make me look prettier, but at the end of the day, it has never made me feel complete or whole. My life experiences and lessons have done that.

Makeup is a hobby and a passion of mine, but not everything happens with makeup on. This bare face has felt many tears shed without layers of liquid foundation, seen beautiful things without mascara laced between lashes, and experienced life without liner.  Those late night feedings with my tiny baby nuzzled against me didn’t happen because I presented myself to look the best. Marrying my husband didn’t happen because I spent a good chunk of change on a makeup artist for that day. They happened because they were supposed to.

Makeup is something I enjoy and I love to collect and apply, but it is not who I am. That bare face up there? That’s me. And I’m okay with it — acne and aging, sweaty and scarred.


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