20 Months

On Saturday, Miss Kennedy turned 20 Months Old. Can we believe we are in the last stretch before she turns 2? I really can’t get over this. It is also becoming incredibly hard to get a portrait of this little ham! Sit still? Never!!!!

20 month toddler recap


  • Talking, talking, talking! I wonder who she gets that from? Ha. Full on sentences. I’ve read and been told that toddlers should be putting together 2 word sentences by age 2, and I promise you she is saying 4 word sentences. I realize how “OMG MOMMY BRAGGY” that sounds, but I’m just blown away by how communicative she is. I mean, she always has been great at communicating. I didn’t do anything super special with her. I just talk to her all the time, and I always have. I try not to use baby talk as much as possible. I think some babies are just more of “thinkers” and some are “talkers”. Kennedy is a talker.
  • Still not a huge vegetable lover, but getting better.
  • Favorite foods are carbs, fruit, cheese, yogurt, coconut milk, almond milk, spicy stuff (like chili and Mexican food), and cookies. We let her have ice cream recently and that is a new treat she’s loving.
  • Really into playing outside with the kids in the neighborhood. We live on a cul-de-sac with a ton of kids, and they are always playing. Kennedy will grab one of our hands and drag us over to where we keep her shoes (we keep them in a buffet table in the entry… I know, random, but it works). She says “open open open open!” I open it. She says “shoes!” and grabs a pair (matching ones, mind you). She runs to the ottoman in the living room (the place where we put on shoes). Then she grabs my hand and says “Outside!” (it sounds more like “ow-guy” when she says it…haha) and drags me to the door.
  • Can identify animals and the noises they make, evidenced by this insta-video.
  • I really can’t get over how much this child talks.
  • She says “okay!” instead of yes. Kennedy, do you want to watch Mickey Mouse? “Okay!!!” Kennedy, do you want to go outside? “Okay!!!” It’s really funny.

Kennedy also had the privilege of being the flower girl at my sister’s wedding just a few weeks ago! My brave sister and brother-in-law trusted her with this job, and she looked so stinking cute doing it. Thanks to one of my BFFs, Anne (who was also the photographer with her hubby), for the photo! Why yes, she is wearing tiny baby glitter heels. And she rocked them. It was such a special day for us! I have a post coming up soon about all of that so I will save the fun details for later.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.16.02 PM

We love you, Kennedy! You were the cutest flower girl and the cutest 20 month old girl we know!

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    January 7, 2015 at 2:42 am

    hello. Im leila. from Iran. your girl is adorabe,I am so happy to meet you here.
    I have a girl too. she is 20 month.this is her weblog:
    I hope see you there.
    sorry for my week speaking english,

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