Clearasil Superfruit Cleanser Review

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Even at 30, I am still constantly on the hunt for ways to banish blemishes. It’s not fair that I have to battle aging and acne at the same time! I mean seriously. Give me one or the other, please and thanks. Actually, give me neither. With this delicate battle comes careful product selection. I need something with a punch for breakouts, but I can’t can’t choose too harsh and stripping, which is bad for aging. It is also important that I do keep my skin hydrated.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Clearasil’s NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleansers. I will admit, it’s been about fifteen years since I’ve used anything Clearasil, and I did feel kind of old going out to buy this. I remember the days of using those big pads that you would wipe all over your face to further exfoliate and tone. Gosh, how horrible my skin was as a teenager. Even though it’s gotten better since then, I do still struggle with breakouts and must keep some sort of acne-fighting element to my skin care regimen. My interest was piqued when this new line launched, and I jumped at the opportunity to go shopping for it! I picked this up at my local Walmart, where you should be able to find the entire line in stock!

Clearasil Superfruit Cleanser

 As you may notice, there are other products in the Superfruit line, which include the refreshing pads and there is also a scrub that I saw. Great way to get that extra boost of salicylic acid if you need it.

A few things are important to me when choosing a cleanser. I like to see at least 0.5% salicylic acid as one of the ingredients, something that foams up to help remove makeup, and I like ingredients or extracts that are proven effective to help with blemishes. After I picked up the cleanser, I did a little more research on my own, and I’ve found that cranberry and raspberry extracts are full of antioxidants and B3 properties. Pretty much great for acne, and also for aging skin (especially the antioxidants). Along with the 1% salicylic acid, this looked really promising for me.


The cleanser itself is a thin gel, which is a light pink in color. It smells really amazing – very Cran-Raspberry. Very Refreshing. It made me want to be in a cranberry bog with awesome wader pants as a new spokesperson for cranberry juice and clear skin.

Clearasil Superfruit Wash Review

The cleanser foams up very nicely and does a great job at removing makeup. It performs great with my Clarisonic. Using it is a refreshing experience, just as the name itself suggests! My skin has never felt tight or too “squeaky” clean after using, which is a huge plus for me, as that usually indicates the cleanser is drying me out.

After using this for a couple of weeks, I would say that it has definitely helped keep breakouts at bay. It helped me combat a few blemishes in a few days, and I haven’t felt any new breakouts begin to surface. My skin also doesn’t feel dehydrated, while also not too oily. I am loving this cleanser. Seriously. Thank you, Clearasil!

If you would like to give the NEW! Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser a try, head on over to your closest Walmart, and use this $1 off coupon towards your purchase. Who doesn’t love coupons? And a highly effective blemish busting cleanser that doesn’t break the bank? Nobody, that’s who.


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