22 Months

Last week totally flew by and I missed documenting my darling girl’s 22 Month birthday (which was last Tuesday). I know it’s a tad ridiculous that I chronicle each birthday month and blog about it, but I love taking monthly photos with her and being able to look back to her prior year!

22 Months


  • This past month, school started up again for myself and for Kennedy. Unfortunately our Mother’s Day Out program we loved so much that she was in had to close (for space issues, nothing to do with the quality of the program) and we were left having to find something in seven days. Luckily we were able to find another program at another church a little closer to our house. It’s a bit different but it’s working out great for us so far. A lot of her classmates and teachers from the previous program are there, too, so that is nice.
  • We are lucky we don’t have to put her in a full day of daycare, as her program is 8:30-2:15. Greg drops off and I pick up. I usually drop her off at home, put her in her crib for a nap (where she will typically sleep for about 2 hours), and head back to school for rehearsal. I then come home, take over for dinner and bed time with her. Our system is working out so far!
  • Kennedy seriously just talks more and more by the week. Full on sentences. She also can be a little parrot, copying us.
  • Goldfish are her favorite things ever. She runs into the pantry, points up, and says “GO-FEE!” I think if we let her, she would survive off Goldfish and be happy.
  • Speaking of which, she is getting a little more picky, especially when her back molars were coming in. She still loves fruit and will eat veggies sometimes, but things that she once liked (avocados, bananas) she wants nothing to do with nowadays. That girl is crazy. We give her a multi-vitamin and try to sneak veggies as much as we can, but she will still eat a lot of beans, spicy food like chili and Mexican food, and she is currently chowing down on hummus and multi-grain pita chips as I type this.
  • Kennedy has officially become a fan of baths!! I owe all of this to my mother-in-law, who introduced the water table concept to her last month. We gradually put more and more water in and then my mom had her play beside a baby pool (but never in). She just became comfortable with it and is happy to take a “bubble bath”.
  • Kennedy says no to a lot of things. And when she says yes, she says “okay”. It’s really cute, but that is sort of my fault, as I say okay all the time. 

22 Months

Let’s take a look at a year’s comparison of photos! It’s truly incredible how fast time flies and all of a sudden a little girl is standing in front of you.


Read her 9 Month update here. And seriously… where did my baby go?


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