Blog Elevated: What I Learned and What I Wore

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Blog Elevated conference here in Houston. First of all, it made me super excited to be able to go to something right in the city I live in! This was the inaugural year of the conference. To sweeten the deal, I won a discount ticket in a twitter contest!

kroger welcomeAt the Kroger Welcome Reception on Thursday with some new and old friends! We got the Miley tongue down, yo.

I am so lucky to be connected to so many friends here in Houston that I met through blogging. It was great to attend the conference with them, and also be able to reach out and network more. One of my good blogging friends, Amber, came down on the Megabus on Thursday and I picked her up on the way to the conference. She was pretty much my sidekick the entire weekend and I loved every minute of it. Amber is a great girl with such an awesome personality. So you need to read her blog, obviously.

I learned a lot of new things at Blog Elevated, most of which blew my mind (especially the SEO session). I can’t sit here and tell you all of the lovely tips and tricks I learned, after all, because I paid to go to this conference! But some of the key takeaways were really impactful on me.

Blog Elevated 1


  • I literally talk to everyone, which Amber pointed out. I never realized how much of an extrovert I am until this conference. I find it so easy, and I loved being able to meet a ton of new people. I hope I can use that strength to help me!
  • Building your blog takes establishing a community. This really spoke to me because I have felt so connected through a lot of my Houston girls, and that what we are doing is a good thing. The relationships I’ve made through blogging are my lifeblood.
  • You set the tone of your blog – happy, sad, angry, sarcastic, etc. Those that are like-minded will rally with you.
  • Treat blogging like office hours. Set those hours for each week and stick with them. This will make you and your family more happy.
  • Going to conferences are not a waste of time. It’s not even a waste of time for a “hobby.” Yes, this blog is not my full time job, but how will I ever become an entrepreneur if I don’t further my education, network, and expand my horizons?
  • This isn’t really something new I learned, but something that was affirmed for me is to blog when you have something to say. I have been doing this for a while since Kennedy was born, and it is really liberating not to feel pressured. Your community will be there when you post. Yes, you want consistency, but you don’t want to post for the sake of posting. I want to keep this same attitude with my blog, while also keeping myself on somewhat of a schedule.

Blog Elevated 2Girls in the photos with me: Whitney, Amber, Channing

Blog Elevated 3More of my awesome friends: Amber, Whitney, Taylor (outfit twinkies on Saturday!), Channing, Katie, Michelle, Bree

What I wore was also an important component for the conference of me, as well. Obviously everyone wants to put their best foot forward at a blog conference, while also being practical. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Hazel and Olive as a sponsor for most of my outfits at Blog Elevated!

Hazel & Olive OutfitsSpotted Leopard Tunic (Thursday night) | Blair Fit and Flare Dress paired with a denim jacket (Friday, not available anymore! :() | Gatsby Lace Dress (Friday night)

I paired the leopard tunic with some jeggings and black sandals with simple, silver jewelry (too much jewelry with a loud print is not a good idea). I wore the dress with my trusty denim jacket, my cognac flats, and a simple three-stone bubble necklace in coral. For the lace dress, I wanted it to speak on its own, so I wore small rose gold pave disc earrings, a rose gold pave link bracelet (both from Lisa Freede), and my nude slingbacks. I got a lot of compliments on all of the outfits I wore and I felt really confident the entire weekend. Hazel and Olive has some amazing new arrivals! I’m swooning over the Glitz and Glam Party Dress, the Girl on the Go Dress (I mean, it’s perfect for me, right?), and this So Much to Love Trench Coat is just precious for fall! I highly suggest you check out Hazel and Olive if you want some retail therapy! The prices are very competitive (and oftentimes less expensive!) than other online boutiques. Best of all? My items came to me two days after I ordered them. Amazing customer service! So, thank you, Hazel and Olive!! I loved wearing your pieces at Blog Elevated!

Overall, Blog Elevated was an amazing experience and I learned more there than I had at any previous conferences I attended! I just loved all of the sessions I went to! I sincerely hope this becomes an annual event because I will most definitely be attending!


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