Fall 2013 Family Portraits

This past weekend, while we were visiting Greg’s parents in Austin, our dear friends Anne and John of W. Studios came over to do some family portraits for us. It was so nice to see them! Anne and John have been doing photos for us for years now, including our wedding and my sister’s wedding. Not to mention, Anne is a sorority sister, former roommate, and overall just one of my BFFs. She also reads my blog and comments on pretty much every post, so I like to think of her as my blog fan girl. Haha! She’s the best.

It was a pleasure (like always) and a lot of fun to work with the both of them during the shoot. We walked around my in-laws’ beautiful neighborhood (they live in a very unique, small country development in Driftwood). It was like just hanging out with friends and family, as we all are pretty close. I love how the pictures just feel so fall-ish, and warm and cozy.

But let’s get down to business, shall we. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

DSC_5698-mattemeggreg1collage playingwithkennedycollage other2favescollagesmilingkennedycollage romanticcollagewagoncollage

Anne even shot a new headshot for me! I mean, I just cut my hair pretty drastically (oh, you didn’t notice yet? Ha) so it was about time. I call this my “fall headshot.” I love it! It’s already over on my sidebar sitting pretty.


We just adore our photos! Thank you so much, yet again, Anne and John! You guys are the best!

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