Toddler Back to School Checklist

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® + Pepperidge Farm® . As per usual, the opinions and text are all mine.

This year, both of the girls will be attending a Mother’s Day Out program 5 days a week while I teach part-time. They were in different programs last school year (it was so stressful… it made us crazy!), and we are so happy to have them together this year.

Kennedy has been attending Mother’s Day Out programs since she was 9 months old, because Greg did a lot of work from home. He was able to take them and pick them up easily, and we got to save a little money that way. Different MDOs require different things. Some ask for a nap mat. Some ask for wipes. At our program, they don’t nap, so we don’t have to bring one. It’s best to check with your program to see what they require, but I’ve compiled a little toddler back to school checklist of essentials that have helped us!

Toddler Back to School Checklist - great for those kiddos who are heading to an MDO program


Comfortable Shoes

At our MDO, they play every day, whether it is outside or in a little gym area with lots of outdoor toys. It’s important to save the cute flip flops and ballet flats for home and make sure the tennis shoes are on. We love the velcro Converse shoes because they are easy to slip on and off, are stylish and are comfortable.

Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Being a teacher myself, keeping my hands clean is very important. I hoard hand sanitizer. I know Mother’s Day Out teachers are handling different kinds of messes, so I like to donate a few Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes to the classroom. They kill 99.9% of germs, and we all know toddlers are pretty darn germ-y.


I highly suggest you go with the “small” size backpack instead of a “toddler” size. We ordered Kennedy’s last year from The Little Crane and Caroline’s was just ordered from Two Magnolia Lane. These backpacks hold the daily folder, lunchbox, a change of clothes and even a few diapers/pull ups in the front pocket.


We have matching lunch boxes, of course! This one is great because it fits a bento box, juice box, and ice pack. It’s cute and functional.

Bento Box

We have a few of these, and they are a bit old, but they work for us! We don’t need anything fancy, just something that has a few compartments.

Ice Pack

Some ice packs are so bulky and don’t fit in the lunch box. We love these because they are lightweight and keep the lunch cool. I don’t know the name or brand of these, but I’m fairly certain we just picked them up at the grocery store.

Straw Cup

Although a beverage is usually packed in the lunch, I like to send Kennedy with a straw cup of water. The key here is not to put something fancy in the backpack, because the cups are bound to get lost. Throw a cheapie in there.

Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish Crackers are Kennedy’s favorite snack ever. Of course this is a necessity! We pretty much buy these in bulk all the time. At our MDO, we are responsible for bringing the class snack once every month or so. I like to purchase the whole grain bulk box and send it with her. It more than takes care of her responsibility.

Wet Ones and Goldfish at Walmart

We recently picked up some of our essentials, including the Wet Ones® Antibacterial Hand Wipes and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, up at Walmart. I was also to find that straw cup there for a much cheaper price than I’ve found before!

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What are your toddlers taking back to “school” this year?

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