First Post!

Hello everyone!

I have decided to start blogging about our adventures as newlyweds. I sort of have a bad memory, and a blog is a great way for me to share things going on in our lives and also a great place for me to go back and read about fun times.

So, as my first post, I’d like to use this as an introductory type of thing…..

Her are some quick bits about Meg & Greg!

We got married on July 25, 2009. Just about two weeks ago, already! We are currently living in Webster, TX and are moving to a brand new apartment on August 15. We are signing a year lease and taking that time to look for a house. We’re lucky because my parents are realtors and can help. We were looking for houses before the wedding, but it was just too much to handle with all of the wedding and honeymoon expenses. I am a high school theatre teacher at Clear Lake High School. I’m going into my third year of teaching there. Greg is an Agent with New York Life. He just started working with them recently. We currently do not have any pets, but are both cat people. I forsee a kitten joining the family in the near future…

Our wedding and honeymooon were amazing. Just about the most perfect past two weeks I think I’ve ever had! I’ll have more posts about the wedding and the honeymoon soon, but in the meantime, hello blog land! I hope this is sufficient enough for a first post!

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