How To: Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

This weekend, my bud Anne said to me, “I still haven’t figured out how to curl my hair with my flat iron!” So I ended up giving her an in-home tutorial. Later that weekend, I got to meet a fellow blogger Amber, who also requested that I do a tutorial on the blog on how I get my curls. Perfect blog post material, if I don’t say so myself.

There are endless amounts of tutorials on YouTube on how to do this (heck, YouTube is how I learned to do this), but I hope mine can speak to my readers and friends who make this blog a daily stop. If for any reason I didn’t leave you with enough information, by all means, get on YouTube and watch others’ tutorials.

Hope you find this useful!

How To: Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

I know you appreciated the fast forward bits and editing. I babble a lot, so I skimped it down for ya.

Do any of you curl your hair this way? What other things do you do?

Have a happy Thursday!

p.s. I’m NOT hosting Passing Notes tomorrow. Too much going on with the house! We close and move next week!! And I think it would be better to do this every other / every two weeks. If you already planned on it, feel free to post a note and I’ll be around to admire it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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