Baby O. in Photos (volume 3)

You know you want your weekly dose of Miss Kennedy!!

My little cupcake!
Me and the babe
Checking her out in the rear view mirror while we drive around. I love that mirror in the back seat so I can see what she’s up to. She loves her car rides!
Another kitty outfit from the set that Savanah got her. KITTY FEEEEET!
I am up to something mysterious.
Oh, just the girls
Another “dramatic” pic, only this time it looks like we’re singing
This swaddle blanket is amazing. It’s got little velcro thingies to get her swaddled real tight, even though she managed to poke some fingers out (this brand). It could be coincidence, but last night when I put her in this (after never having used it before… I have no idea why), she put herself to sleep at 10:45 and I had to wake her up to eat at 7:45 a.m. the next morning! I will say that she is a good sleeper, usually waking only once around 5 a.m. to eat, but this was miraculous!
Now, these last two items may make your ovaries explode. 
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Dexter is the baby protector. We have caught him in her bassinet sleeping at her feet!!

Gah! Melt my heart! Something about her changing table makes her a smiley, gooey, talkative little girl. I actually enjoy changing her diapers now!
Happy Friday!


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