February Photo a Day

I decided it would be fun to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s February Photo a Day Challenge! And I was right! It WAS fun!

I did the 365 project last year (wasn’t that great at logging it towards the end even though I did take a picture pretty much every day… let’s blame that on the baby). I thought I would focus my photo challenge around being at home with the baby and trying to cherish this time as much as possible. I’m really glad that I participated. It was also fun seeing others’ photos on Instagram.

I’m going to do the March challenge, for sure! I will also set the intention of capturing moments that I cherish or time with the baby. Especially with going back to work and all, it will be good to force myself to document our time together more.

So, let’s take a look at my February Photos!

Looking forward to next month!

Did you participate in the challenge? I’d love to see your photos!


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