Baby O. in Photos (volume 6)

Ready for your overdose of Miss Kennedy? I knew you were!

Smiling for daddy
My mom buys her the most ridiculous outfits
Nap time is over (for the both of us)
Could those lips be any more rosy?
In the car seat
Hanging out in the bumbo
She loves that toy
She has now discovered her feet. So cute
And she has now learned to roll over! I put her down on her activity mat and walked into the other room to do something. Greg was in the living room and told me to come look. She was face down… and I had missed it. So I grabbed the video camera and saw it for the first time while filming!! It was so special to me (even though it was the second time she did it)!

I realize I sound really annoying in this video but I was a proud momma! I actually got a milestone on camera while seeing it for the first time! I guess what got her to roll is trying to go to the toy (which is the thing that is making the music). I find it funny that halfway through she gets distracted by the hanging toy (ooooh pretty giraffe!). And of course I have to do the post-roll interview.

Happy Friday, friends!


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