Baby O. in Photos (volume 7)

What’s my little Kennedy been up to lately? Oh, just the usual. Being fabulous, cute, chatty, and happy! Let’s take a look!

Loves her feet! I now understand how they named the yoga pose “Happy Baby”
She fell asleep on her playmat in her swimsuit
Baby’s first beach day! It was reeeeeally windy (more so than usual) so it wasn’t as fun as we had hoped
Helping her aunt sell houses. Future millionaire.
Chewing on her teething toy
Chewing some more.
With her Great Grandmother (who I think looks like Barbara Bush) on our visit to Austin
Great Grandmother and Great Granddad fawning over her
I love that face.
Baby’s first Hill Country Winery trip. I also appreciate the cup holder in the stroller to hold my wine.
Road trippin’ back from Austin. I had to entertain her in the backseat the last hour. She was such a good girl!
Push up!
Blackmail picture. I just love baby chubbbbbbs
Concentrating hard on rolling and grabbing those feet
Happy Friday, friends! 


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