January Beauty Favorites

Can we believe we’re already in February? How ’bout that Super Bowl, eh? Okay, I didn’t really watch it except for Beyonce. And the lights going out.

Anyway, so the beginning of the month also brings you my monthly beauty favorites! This past month is kind of random. There are actually less makeup on there than normal.  This is kind of strange, but I haven’t bought much makeup lately. Here’s what I’ve been loving and using a lot in January!

Meg O.'s Beauty Favorites
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I don’t think I’ve used a better base coat for nail polish. It’s rubberized, so your polish is supposed to adhere to it better. And by golly, it does. I usually have all of my polished peeled off within just a few days, and with this stuff, it really stays put! Seche Vite (my preferred top coat) has a tendency to peel, but it definitely stays put with the Orly Bonder. You can get it at Ulta (that’s where I got mine) or Sally’s.

I don’t think I own a blush in anything like this color. It is super duper pigmented, the color is beautiful (it’s not quite plum, it’s not quite burgundy – I find it has more red than purple). A little goes a long way.  It was $3. Sold. Wet ‘n Wild, you really can do no wrong lately.

I’ve got a full review and giveaway of this coming up this week for you guys! It’s the neatest little lipgloss I’ve ever used. I actually really like the formula and the color. I’ve been reaching for it a lot. But you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what all I like and how you can win one for yourself!

I actually picked this up because I forgot both my daytime and night time moisturizer when we went to go visit my inlaws. I ran to the Walgreens nearby, and got this because I seemed to remember reading a few good reviews on it and I wanted something without SPF so I could wear it at night and during the day. Holy moly, this stuff is so great. I’ve actually been using this a lot at night, and it has been great for winter months for me. I have pretty oily skin, so the gel consistency of this moisturizer is perfect. It rubs in, is not greasy at all, and does not oil up on me whatsoever. If you are oil-prone, you seriously need to grab you some.

I believe I saw a beauty vlogger ranting and raving about all things Skin MD. I read more reviews and I just couldn’t resist myself anymore, I had to get it (I ordered it on Amazon… I have no idea where you can buy it in a brick and mortar store). I decided to get the one with SPF, because I needed a daytime moisturizer. I don’t know if it’s because of this moisturizer or what, but I have seriously had hardly any breakouts at all since using this moisturizer. It’s a shielding lotion, which means that it acts as a barrier between your skin and whatever products you put on top, as well as harmful elements (pollution, etc.). Apparently it does wonders for dry and sensitive skin (read more about it here). I love that it has mostly all-natural ingredients. The only thing is I do not like that it has a chemical sunscreen. I think I am willing to forgive that for how amazing this lotion is. I am going to get the original one and use it as hand cream every night! I can’t wait. It seems kind of expensive for a small bottle but a little truly does go a long way.

There you have it! January favorites!

What have you been using and loving lately? 
Leave me suggestions so I can put in on my ever growing wish list!


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