Lorac Pro Palette Review

There’s nothing better when you find a killer eyeshadow palette. Okay, maybe there are some things that could be better, but by golly, eyeshadow is waaaaaaay up there for me. I, for one, am a palette hoarder. I like the versatility they bring to my makeup drawer. I like how cost effective palettes can be (more eyeshadows for your dollar!) and it makes me feel better about buying them because it’s cheaper than buying single eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow palettes are all the rage, as they should be. Everyone and their dog owns the Naked Palette, as they should. But…. dare I say… could I have found something that I love just as much, or maybe even more?
It is quite possible.
Lorac Pro Palette Review
This, my friends, is the Lorac Pro Palette. You may all collectively “ooh” and “aah” right now. It is pretty. Scratch that – it is beautiful. I got it for Christmas (thank you, mother and father in law!)! It contains 8 matte shadows and 8 shimmer/satin shadows. That’s 16 shadows for $42. It also comes with an eyelid primer (which I quite like). The Naked Palette has 12 shadows for $50. So definitely more bang for your buck. I honestly do not have much experience with the Lorac brand, but now I want to own more after owning this palette!
So, how do I love thee, Lorac Pro Palette? Let me count the ways…
– The packaging is really simple. Not gimmicky at all, very lightweight, sleek, and thin. Just what I like. It does feel pretty expensive, and that’s good.
– I absolutely love having the versatility of having 8 matte and 8 shimmer shadows. It provides endless possibilities for looks. Endless. My favorite matte shade is Mauve. My favorite shimmer shade is Pewter.
– The color selection is pretty neutral, but I love that there is a “Garnet” shadow, which is super coppery, and the “Deep Purple” is great to have. Also, I like how the shades are named very simply. Like gold is “Gold.” I don’t know why, but I really appreciate that.
– The consistency and pigmentation of these shadows are superior. Super pigmented, easy application, little fallout. No glitter chunks all over your face (in yo face, Sidecar!).
– I feel like I can use so many of these shadows on a daily basis. So wearable!
– I just love this palette. PERIOD.
Let’s take a look at it on me.
Lorac Pro Palette Photo
I realize the lighting is horrible (blogging after the baby has gone down means no sunlight). Also, what the heck is up with those folds around my mouth?! I have 4 months until the big 3-0, so this aging crap isn’t supposed to happen yet! ANYWAY. Back to the eyeshadow. My favorite combination is using Pewter in the crease, Gold and Light Bronze on the lid, and Nude as a highlight. I then slapped on some gel liner and mascara called it a day!
Are you a palette hoarder? Come on, fess up…


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