18 Months

Today, Kennedy is 18 months! A whole year and a half! Can y’all even believe it? I mean, look at this little girl!


  • I am loving being on summer break with my babe!
  • So many new words she’s saying…. and all the time! She is also putting together short sentences, like, “There he is!”, “All done” (she says this a lot, even when she means “I don’t like this”), “I see you”. I have always felt she is a really great communicator, but it may just be because I know her so well.
  • She’s wearing 2T clothes, some of which are still a little big on her. Funny enough, that shirt she’s wearing in the photo is actually a 12 month size dress (albeit a really short dress) that still fit her up top so I just turned it into a cute summer shirt. Her shoes are size 5, but some are big on her as well. She has really small and narrow feet.
  • As you can tell from the photo, she has a heck of a lot of teeth! She has seriously been the easiest teether, as I can never tell when it is happening. I’ll just look in her mouth or she’ll laugh and I see a new tooth.
  • Kennedy’s food preferences are still fruit, beans, yogurt, carbs (she is my daughter, after all), and anything with a red or spicy sauce. She’s getting better about her veggies, but we’re still working on her. I have been making her smoothies with almond milk, flax seed, kale/spinach, and some fruit and she loves them. It’s been a great way to sneak in some veggies.
  • She loves to spot airplanes or birds. She’ll point into the air and scream “plane!” or “bird!” and get very excited over it.
  • Kennedy isn’t much of a water lover. She despises baths (she must be the only toddler ever that hates baths), and we tried taking her to the pool and she screamed like we were dipping her in acid. We put a sprinkler on in the back yard and that was fun because she could put her hands in it and run away from it. I also took her to a splash pad and she had the same attitude about it as the sprinkler. I guess she just doesn’t like being immersed in water. So if any of y’all have any tips, that would be awesome! Especially about liking baths.
  • Kennedy has the sweetest smile ever, and is very affectionate. She will give kisses, rub and hold your hand, and be very sweet. I love this so much. She is such a kind little girl.
  • She is so easy going and has a great attitude. One minute she’ll do a toddler crazy thing or complain and the next second she is fine and happy.
  • Speaking of toddler crazy things, she’s discovered the word “no” and won’t stop saying it. So, tons of fun, I tell ya.
And just for fun, I had to share this short clip of Kennedy “reading.” She is too much.
Finally, can we believe this was one year ago? My babyyyyyy.

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