5 High End Beauty Products Worth Trying

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I am definitely not a sucker or snob for high end beauty brands. If I can find something at the drug store that’s cheap and I love, then you bet your sweet toosh it’s going on my favorites list (my favorite foundation, Revlon Colorstay, is a drugstore product). However, I do use high end brands, especially products that are totally unique and luxurious. My feeling is I think it’s a worthy product if I cannot find anything like it anywhere else, or if it feels the product is very pampering to me.

A lot of my friends and readers ask me what I would recommend if they were shopping at Sephora or another high end cosmetic counter. There are a lot of products I would recommend, but for purposes of this post, I have narrowed it down to five. I really tried to think about items that are totally unique and I haven’t found a dupe for, or items that truly make me feel pampered because of something special. If you guys love this post, perhaps I can make it a series! So, without further adieu, I present to you “5 High End Beauty Products Worth Trying”!


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I realize this is $34 lipstick, but is the most perfect lipstick I have ever tried. Not to mention, this shade is the most perfect nude shade for my skin tone. The packaging is luxurious. Definitely worth the splurge. When someone gifts you a sephora gift card, you go out and get you this.

I have talked before in this post about how much I love this stuff, and I have never been able to find anything in the drugstore quite like it. This is an under eye corrector, which is not to be confused with a concealer. It cancels out the dark circles under your eyes. It’s important, however, to get the right color for it to work correctly. If you need help with understanding color correcting cosmetics, check out my post here.

Okay, it’s another matte bronzer. But it’s so incredibly finely milled. And the color is buildable and beautiful. Best of all, it smells like chocolate. If putting chocolate on your face isn’t pampering yourself, I don’t know what is.

I have talked about this brow pencil quite a few times here on my blog, most recently on my Let’s Talk Brows post. I have not been able to find a drugstore equivalent to this pencil. The product goes on so wonderfully, and it’s very buildable. It isn’t scary to use, and it looks incredibly natural. It’s quick and easy. Not to mention, it lasts me forever (about a year)!

This magical palette is no stranger to my blog, and I have reviewed this palette in depth before here. Apparently Lorac Cosmetics liked it because they pinned it (so basically I’m famous). This is the most versatile palette I own. I would recommend this palette a million times before I would recommend the Urban Decay Naked Palette, because it is that more versatile. It’s like owning the Naked and Naked Basics in one. Kinda. You get eight matte shadows and eight satin/shimmer shadows. The quality is amazing. Everything is super wearable. You can create a multitude of looks. I just love it!

So let me ask you now. What is your favorite high end beauty product?


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