Two Minute Tutorial: Eyeshadow Brush 101

You guys. I am sooooooo excited to announce a new series I am starting. It’s not only a beauty ideo series but each video will be under three minutes! I give you…. TWO MINUTE TUTORIALS!

A little background information on this endeavor. I was thinking to myself recently that I wish I had more time to make and edit videos. Not to mention, I was thinking about how also I do not like to watch super long beauty videos, either. When I say I like to find time for fabulous, it doesn’t mean I like to spend a long time looking for it. Hence this win-win situation. Less time spent filming/editing the video and less time for y’all watching it! Everyone has time to watch a video that is under five minutes. No need to scroll through the video to get to the good stuff… ’cause it’s here, baby!

The motto for the Two Minute Tutorials is: “Finding time for Fabulous Fast!” I even sung my own theme song in my cheesiest theme song voice ever. Aren’t y’all just so proud of me?

The goal with this series is to kind of do a little explaining about what the tutorial is, set a timer for 2 minutes and then go to town! So that means technically each video will not be exactly two minutes as I open and close the video. I kind of got a little flustered with staying on time that I didn’t show the products super well. I also feel like I was filmed at a really bad angle and my hair looks weird (thank goodness for my hair appointment next week). I look like ten pounds heavier than I am. Or maybe it’s all that stress weight I’ve absorbed due to my show. Either way, I will be experimenting with different locations in my house and with lighting and angles. I’ll get it down.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions.

To kick it off, I’ll be talking about brushes. Today’s Two Minute Tutorial is Eyeshadow Brush 101!


Sigma E60 | Sigma E55  | Sigma E35 | Sigma E40 | Sigma E30 
E.L.F Studio Contour Brush | Coastal Scents Classic Bent Liner Synthetic | Sigma E05

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Eyeshadow Brush 101

 Well, that was fun, now was it?


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