Product Rave: Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

Disclosure: Vaseline sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine. As always, I only share brands that I 100% love and I think you will love, too!

One thing I continually suffer from is extremely dry cuticles. I have a terrible habit of picking and pulling at them. It is essential for me to have a hand cream on my bedside table and available at all times. I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serums and I have found a new cuticle must have!

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

These serums claim to have ten times the healing power to reverse dry skin damage. The active ingredients that help with this are PPAR Activators, Elastomers and Vaseline Jelly, and they work together to moisturize and heal dry skin. I know that all is foreign sounding, so let me break it down.

PPAR Activators heal by penetrating the skin surface to replenish lipids and moisturizes to boost skin’s natural renewal cycle. Vaseline Jelly provides a protective barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Elastomers produce the luxurious, silky consistency to the product.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

I’ve said it before that this bipolar Texas weather has been awful, and I really mean it. Not only have I been testing out these products on my hands and cuticles, but all over my body. I’ve been loving how soft my skin feels, and how amazing I smell.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

Yes, the smell. I have never had such an affinity for the scent of a moisturizer like I do these. I’m not even kidding. The Deep Repair (left) has notes of amber, jasmine and sandalwood. It’s formulated to deeply moisturize to heal rough, cracked skin. The Advanced Relief (middle) is my favorite scent, with notes of rose and amber, blended with vanilla and is gentle on skin. The Radiance Restore (right) contains the deep aromas of cocoa butter and blackcurrant, and is formulated to heal and restore.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

The consistency of these serums are thick, but not too thick. They spread and absorb easily. I hate a thick moisturizer that lingers around for too long, and this definitely doesn’t.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

And to sweeten the deal, these serums arrived in a sweet (pun intended) package from The Magnolia Bakery!

So, go get you some of these serums. I cannot guarantee yours will come wrapped in baked goods from New York City, but I do guarantee your skin will thank you!

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Vaseline sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.