How I Deal with Hair Loss After Pregnancy

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When you’re a new mom, life is full of new surprises. Between the new tiny human in your house and your new postpartum body, the changes are inevitable. No matter how many books and articles you read, the lovely things that happen to your body during the postpartum period is nothing anyone could ever prepare you for.

I was shocked to find out my hair started falling out in clumps when my first daughter, Kennedy, was about 3 months old. I had no idea that this would even happen. I began scouring the internet for solutions, hoping and praying that I could stop this unwelcome hair loss. The hair loss stopped when I was about 14 months postpartum. My hair was completely wrecked. It was so stringy, lifeless, and thin.

When I became pregnant again with Caroline, my hair grew in so luscious and thick. It was a nice surprise. But in the back of my head, I was terrified thinking what would happen after she was born. I decided that I would do all I could to help ease the inevitable, because I knew there wasn’t much I could do to completely stop hair loss after pregnancy.

Right at about 3 months postpartum, I did start noticing the hair loss starting again. Just like last time, I was losing the most around my hairline above my temples. I immediately started doing a few things to help.

Dealing with Hair Loss After Pregnancy - Postpartum hair loss is the worst! Learn how to deal with it and help that hair grow back strong.

Avoid touching and stress. I did was not touch my hair as much as possible, especially with washing, brushing, and styling it. Washing my hair was particularly terrifying, with the amount of hair that would fall down the shower drain. In the shower, I would focus the shampoo at the roots and try not to comb through the hair as much as possible. I also let my hair air dry, and avoided heat styling as much as I could. Most of the time I air dried and used a curling iron on the ends the next morning. I used a wide tooth comb instead of brushing through my hair.

Replenish nutrients and moisture. I gave myself a DIY Hot Oil Treatment (follow that link for my recipe) about once every couple of weeks. Adding in nutrients and moisture was soothing. Making sure to take my vitamins, drinking water, and eating healthy foods also helped.

Strategic hair styling. If I parted my hair a certain way, my bald spot(s) would be seen. It was also impossible to put my hair up without it looking ratchet (yes, I am using the word “ratchet” – it really is the best descriptor). Luckily, I wear my hair down most often, anyway. Straightening my hair also made it look super thin and stringy. Waves and curls were the way to go. It hid the texture of my hair the best.

Blunt haircuts. Asking for a blunt haircut has made a huge difference for my hair to feel fuller. Basically, my hair is not texturized or layered. It is one length all around. I love how full this makes my hair feel. I have some texture in the front around the face, and I have chunky long bangs, but nothing feathered. I am likely going to keep cutting my hair like this, even after I am done dealing with hair loss. Luckily, blunt cuts are totally in style.

Hair growth supplements. I started taking biotin right away when I noticed the hair loss. I noticed it helped hair grow faster, but didn’t do much to stop the hair loss. It was okay. In June (I was 10 months postpartum), I was offered to try Viviscal Extra Strength for 3 months. After giving a call to my OBGYN nurse line to make sure it was safe to use while I was nursing (even though we were down to about 2-3 nursing sessions), I got the green light and accepted.

I had heard really great things about Viviscal, but had never tried it. After more research, I learned that Viviscal supplements are 100% drug-free and are backed by 25 years of research and development. Viviscal Extra Strength is a clinically proven hair growth supplement that is scientifically formulated to promote hair growth in women. There are a lot of celebrities that love it, too. These facts I learned got me so pumped to try Viviscal. This offer really came at the perfect time. Even though the care I took to deal with hair loss was helping, my hair was pretty frazzled, especially around the hairline where I had lost the most. Lots of baby hairs were starting to grow back, but they were short and frustrating to deal with.

I have been taking Viviscal since the beginning of June, and I am thoroughly impressed with how it has helped me with hair loss after pregnancy. Last time around, my hair was completely wrecked, but this time my hair is recovering and actually growing back faster and fuller. I. The baby hairs around my hairline are growing longer, right along with all of the rest of my hair. Just look how long those baby hairs are now! They’re practically a set of bangs.

Postpartum Hair Loss Regrowth

hair loss after pregnancy regrowth

My hair is also feeling much thicker, and the texture is softer and more manageable. I feel like more hair is growing in, instead of just my existing hair growing faster. Viviscal takes about 3-6 months for you to see the full effects, and I am already blown away after 3 months. I didn’t really see until I looked at these two photos side by side. The first photo on the left was taken at the beginning of June, about 5 days before I started taking Viviscal. The photo on the right was taken yesterday.

Viviscal Before and After 3 Months

I think the results are pretty darn impressive in the length department. My hair grows painfully slow, so this is amazing for me! Also my lighting skills have drastically improved (thank you ring light)… haha. Let’s also take a look at the little baby hairs. If you look near the part of my hair, you’ll see some sticking up (so annoying). Compare that with the above photo and how long they are now. It’s crazy. Photos don’t lie!

If you’re a new mom dealing with that lovely postpartum hair loss, I highly recommend giving Viviscal Extra Strength a try (with the okay from your doctor, of course). Even if you’re dealing with hair loss not related to pregnancy or want to grow your hair, you will love this stuff!

Viviscal Extra Strength

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