How I Set Goals and Keep Them

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When the new year rolls around, we’re refreshed and rejuvenated to make goals and resolutions. It’s easy to say that we’ll “lose 20 pounds” or “make more money,” but how do we actually achieve those goals? They seem lofty and directionless.

As I grow older and life grows busier, I have learned that goal setting is essential for me, and I have to be very intentional with them. Keeping my goals is important, as well. I’m proud that I was able to look back at 2016 and feel accomplished.

This year I am setting some personal, business, and wellness goals, and here’s how I am going to approach them.

how I approach goal setting

How I Set and Keep My Goals

Dream big, but start small. We all have big dreams, and I’m a believer in always keeping those. However, I like to think of things that I can accomplish in a smaller time frame. These kinds of goals are just easier to digest! That’s why I love Whole30. It’s a very strict program eating program, but there is an end in sight. I did a Whole30 last year, and I am currently on one this January. It is not easy, but it’s only 30 days. I love it because it really helps me reset and refocus my nutrition, and it sets me on the right path. When Whole30 was over for me last year, we kept eating strict paleo for quite a while and never felt better.

Make it easy for yourself to accomplish. For the last couple of years, I like to participate in a 52-week money savings challenge. On week one, you put $1 in your savings, week 2 you put $2 in, week 3 is $3, and so on and so forth, until you are putting $52 in the last week of the year and you have set aside $1,378. I love this challenge! It can be easy to forget about, but if you do a little work in the beginning, you don’t even have to worry about it. I schedule all of the transfers with my online banking at the beginning of the year for 52 weeks, and BAM, I have $1,378 at the end of the year. I made it easy on myself.

Focus on one thing at a time. I’m a big believer in timers. They can help with productivity with my business, cleaning up around the house, or making myself work out. Do you know how much you can get done if you only focus on one thing? Trust me, it’s a lot. Set a timer (I think 25 minutes is a great time block), turn off all distractions, and go.

Put things in front of you that help you make smart choices. This can go for many things. If I know I am going to be distracted by a TV show when I should be working, I have to take my work to my quiet office. If I have a pantry full of snacks that are my weakness, I’ll be tempted to indulge. Any time you can set yourself up for success makes your goal that much easier.

how to set goals and keep them!


This year, one of my big picture goals is to care more about my body and my health. I don’t like to say “lose weight” or “work out” because that seems directionless. To break down this big goal, I want to take on one health/fitness challenge every couple of months. Like I said before, I’m starting with Whole30, and looking at a few other challenges that I’m excited to try.

Evolution Fresh Juices

One thing that’s helping me take a small “sip in a brighter direction” and stay on track are Evolution Fresh® juices. Strict Whole30-ers will tell you not to drink things like juice, and I’m okay not being a purist. But, I have oftentimes found myself in a rush and not paying enough attention to some core vitamins and nutrients I need. I also need to make sure I stay hydrated and energize. These delicious juices are cold-pressed using high-pressure processing to help protect the taste and nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. They contain no artificial colors or flavors. Each bottle of green juice contains over a serving of veggies (excluding Super Green and Protein Power Greens).

These juices have definitely helped a mid-day slump for energy and hydration, and curb any sweet craving I may have! My favorite of the bunch is the Smooth Greens & Kale – it has 7g of sugar per serving, packs a punch of potassium, a little tropical sweetness, and a smooth mint finish.

Learn more about Evolution Fresh, and see where they are available near you!

Like I said before, making one small change can really help set you on the path to success. Cheers to 2017, our goals, and crushing them!

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