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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know about you, but we have a checklist of items we need to accomplish every time before we have a family trip away from our home. Feed the cat, refresh his water, turn off all the lights, make sure we have important personal documents (especially if we’re traveling by air), set the thermostat, and make sure that everything is secure within the house. Leaving the house for a few days always means we have to take some extra precautions before traveling. There have been times where we have left and worried if we remembered to lock all of the doors. That’s a terrible feeling!

We recently discovered this new LG Smart Security device and it is our new favorite gadget to give us peace of mind while away.

LG Smart Security really gives peace of mind when you're away from homeSo, what does it do, you ask? It is a plug-and-play HD video camera (it captures pictures in 1080p!) that can connect to your smartphone so you can monitor your home while away. Genius! It is a breeze to set up. Set the camera in the room where you want it, plug it in, install the ADT Canopy app, pair the app to your camera, and you’re done.

The LG Smart Security Device pairs perfectly with your phone so you can always see what's going on at home!The device itself is very sleek and modern, and completely unobtrusive. I would recommend having it set up in a place where you can see a lot of spaces in your home at once, and with a view of as many doors to outside as possible. If—heaven forbid—you have an intruder, you could have a pretty clear picture of the entry point. LG Smart Security also alerts emergency personnel in the event of an intruder with ADT’s Intrusion Detection service, which comes as a free 60-day trial with purchase of the device and can be extended for $19.99/month after. The same deal applies to Secure Video Storage, which also comes as a free 60-day trial, and allows subscribers to view past events. We have our LG Smart Security device sitting on our fireplace mantle. Our camera has a view of the living room, kitchen, and all the way to the front door. You can also see all of the doors to our house (either directly or indirectly).

What I love most about this device is how simply we can check on my house just by opening up the ADT Canopy app.

Not only is setting up this device simple, but it also has so many great features we love, such as the full HD video and sound. It has home health monitoring, which tells me the temperature and humidity. I also have the ability to connect it to my thermostat, so I can control the temperature right there, and can use the LG Smart Security as a smart home central hub to control other smart home devices in the home. For example, because LG Smart Security is compatible with Alexa, I can control my lights through the device using smart lightbulbs or smart plugs, such as the GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Appliance Module.

All of this can be done in the ADT Canopy app, in addition to receiving 24/7 professional home monitoring.

The app is clean and easy to read, and I am blown away at the picture quality from the camera. (By the way, don’t judge my house. It’s a mess, and we are about to start renovations and redecorating!) I sometimes also find the app useful to check up on my kids when the babysitter gets home with them in the afternoons. My babysitter knows I’m not “spying” on her, because I simply don’t have enough time at work to even look at the app for more than a minute, but sometimes it’s good to see when they get home and how they’re doing. How’s that for peace of mind for a worried mama. In any situation, the LG Smart Security gives us complete peace of mind when we’re away from our home.

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