Preggo Meg O. – 35 Weeks!

Here we are with only five weeks left!
Today, the baby is the size of a honeydew melon! Yum.

35 days until my due date. Can I just say that this is getting really crazy to me because it still doesn’t feel super real? I am definitely excited but my pregnancy has been so easy, there are still some times that I don’t feel pregnant – just bigger with something moving around in there. Okay, maybe that is feeling pregnant. My outfit was super cute yesterday (if I might say so myself), so I had to snap a pic instead of the lazy lounge clothes of last week.

Random Preggo Thoughts for the Week:

  • As evidenced by the last post, my baby shower went really well! It was so much for to have some out of town guests. Also, a lot of my close friends are pregnant now and it makes me so happy!!
  • I finished all of my baby shower thank you notes and had them mailed out two days after the shower. I’m a beast like that.
  • Belly is bigger. Definitely bigger.
  • A stranger at the grocery store said “You’re having a boy, huh?” I politely said that no, I am having a girl. She said “Are you sure?” NO LADY, I’M NOT SURE. I DEFINITELY DON’T HAVE A CROTCH SHOT OF MY BABY.
  • Greg and I went to an Infant Safety / CPR class last night at the hospital where I’m delivering and we really enjoyed it. It’s getting me super excited.
  • Tomorrow we have an all-day childbirth class. Can I just say how I love all of the education opportunities my hospital offers?
  • My students and the drama booster club is throwing me a baby shower on Sunday afternoon. Aren’t they sweet?
  • I have to start thinking about having a bag packed for the hospital and putting the car seat in the car. This is nuts.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your day is as sweet as honeydew melon!


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