2 Months

This post was supposed to happen Friday, since my darling girl turned two months then! However, we were busy traveling to Nashville to visit family. Better late than never, right?

My baby is growing so fast, isn’t she?

This Month:
– Kennedy is smiling so much. She is even trying to laugh, which kind of sounds like a cough.
– She enjoys “talking” more to people and enjoys social interaction. No way does Miss K want to be by herself, especially if there is a big group of people. She likes sitting at the dinner table with us and to be a part of the conversation.
– She is interested in bright colors and big shapes. This app, Baby Symbolizer, really holds her attention. I am getting her to look at these patterns and shapes and having her try and reach for them.
– She absolutely adores being in the Baby Bjorn (thanks, Katie, for the hand-me-down)! Again, not much on being by herself.
– Kennedy can lift herself off the ground in a little push up. She has a lot more neck control and is much stronger!
– Miss K had her first plane ride this past weekend. Let me tell you – she was an ANGEL! She smiled and cooed. When we took off and landed, I fed her so she wouldn’t have any ear pressure. She was as happy as a clam! I was so scared of being “those people” on the plane but that definitely wasn’t the case! Let’s hope she does this great again in the summer when we have a few more plane trips to take…
– I don’t know how I got so lucky with this baby but she is also sleeping through the night completely. If she doesn’t sleep through the night, she’ll wake once at around 5 a.m. and then go back to sleep until around 9:00! Her bedtime ranges between 10 and 10:45. Yesterday she was pooped from the trip and went to bed at 9:00 p.m.! I’m hoping to start getting her to bed earlier.
– I have to go back to work March 8 and I am choosing not to think about it. The upside is  I go back to work for two days, have an entire week off for Spring Break, and then it’s 2 weeks left in March, all of April, and all of May until I’m off again for summer!

Let’s take a look at how my girl has grown:

Have a great week, everyone!


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